DIDDY’s A Free Man After Kettlebell Incident With Son JUSTIN COMBS’ Coach , MARY J. BLIGE Rocks Free Concert at Liberty Island For JAY Z’s Made in America’ Festival

Let’s see, we have:

1)  Steve Stoute

2) Drake

3) ?

One thing we’re learning about Diddy is that he will “throw’dem ‘bows” (elbows).

Well this time, he threw ‘dem kettlebells.


Fresh out the graybar from being detained for a reported assault with a kettlebell, Diddy-backed by a crowd of men looking like nation of Islam-is a free man today [as of last night].

diddymaking bail

As we told yous yesterday, the music business mogul was detained after a scuffle of some kind broke out yesterday between Diddy and his son Justin Combs’ UCLA coach which resulted in Diddy (alleged to be slinger of the kettlebell) locked in the slammer.


We’re hearing that this particular coach is an notorious loudmouth (Sal Alosi) who’s known for blatant disrespect and too, was involved in some football incident where he purposely tripped a player. I’m guessing sports buffs may know about that. As well, this coach is known to get