DANNY STRONG – of Lee Daniel’s Entertainment / Co Writer of ‘The Butler’ Clears the Air About MONIQUE Being Offered ‘COOKIE’ and ‘THE BUTLER’

Monique_Cookie_Taraji P HensonIn advance, we’ve already given our Sag Mo’Nique clearance on the fact that a Sagittarian’s nature is-in more ways than one-they can be kind of “expansive”…due to their planet Jupiter [in all its reputation for being lucky]’s and splendor-it happens to rule the house of “expansion” so…they can be a little “extra” or expansive and twice over that: Lucky.

So…however do you want it.

Luck seemed surely to have been had by Mo’Nique considering (according to her), she was up for some pretty happening roles that did well at the box office and currently doing well on the tube at home (every Wednesday night on Fox television).

Well according to all that’s been going on–this back and forth debate about Hollywood blackballing Mo’nique versus Mo’Nique believing director Lee Daniels actually “blackballed” her (and not “Hollywood”), it seems as though that might have very well been the case—if we are going to go with the fact that (as she stated) she was up for the role in The Butler (later played by Oprah Winfrey), and too, up for the role in Daniels’ next project (a Richard Pryor’s biopic), and lastly, if it is true that (according to Mo’Nique) she was up for the role of “Cookie Lyon” in Daniels’ new primetime Fox television hit Empire (which, as you know-is currently being played by Taraji P. Henson).

Well Danny Strong (who also wrote The Butler with Lee Daniels) stepped to the plate of this ongoing saga (reaching empirical depths) to clear the air-stating:


 “Mo’Nique was never offered roles for Empire or The Butler SettingTheRecordStraight”

For The Record

Don’t know if all this will end at this point, but I’m just the messenger placing this right there (for now)-and that’s, that on that (and too, a lesson about how necessary it is to get promises-even regarding of talk of/consideration-in the form of receipts, reel or writing).