Dads: Father’s Day Reel So Real Like You’ve Never Felt Before!

Growing up a daddy’s girl myself (and only girl of my daddy’s) for me, no matter how close you are to your mother; your relationship with your daddy is a different kind of special-unmatched.

It’s Father’s Day and no doubt about it, this will always be one of my all-time favorite fatherhood videos.


It’s hilarious and cute from soooo many angles (also poignant).

In it, we get to see the father doing a “motherly”-like thing: helping his daughter practice her cheer leading routine. It’s hilarious how dad’s all into just beneath this old battle-axe’s window where, from her view, the dad looks every bit “queenly” in all his hand-clapping, finger-snapping glory when [little did the nosey old woman know], just to the left of him was his daughter with her pom poms, simply getting help from dad with her routine.

Not only is this video the cutest, but a good example of perception not being reality… especially when YOUR view (or views)…are blocked (figuratively or literally)…

Check it out:


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This one here just touches my heart so-just watching the little girls emotion go from merely watching a celebration and clapping to a gradual but quick, teary, emotional response and breakdown at seeing her military dad walk into the room after having not seen him in a long time. So little words but conveys SO much.

This does SUCH a number on me!

Check it out:



This next one tugs at my heart-that overprotective dad sending his daughter off for first day kindergarten where (as a parent) you’re trying to keep your composure. And often times, you’re more scared than your child.

The feeling of, after 5 years, turning your child lose and onto a big yellow bus pulling up with the smell of diesel fumes packed with the screams of other screeching kids-not knowing if your child is going to get hurt, get his/her feelings hurt, or…get hurt-period, as your leave your precious cargo in the hands of this bus driver who you only get to see for all but one minute.

It’s show time, when that stinker pulls up and you let your child’s hand go and watch his/her feet hit those few steps taking him/her off-off and away from you!

There is no scarier feeling like that in the worlddddddddddd!

Watch dad’s facial expression in the beginning and then too, the sigh of relief when he rides alongside the bus and sees his baby girl made fast-friends with another kid while on her way to school the first day.

Be still my heart.

*clutches chest and teary