Controversial Raptagonist AZEALIA BANKS Does PLAYBOY Photoshoot



While the beautiful, talented, outspoken raptagonist Azealia Banks made have strong opinions about her rap peers and other’s in the industry

who she feels sells their souls and identities in exchange of fame,  attention, money, or publicity; it’s a different set of rules for her—as long as she’s selling “art” right?

Now let’s be clear…I mean…the human body is art, right?

Well, according to sources, the Broke With Expensive Taste, rapper will be breaking the Internet and coming undone in a new Playboy shoot done by Ellen Von Unwerth for Playboy’s April 2015 music edition.

Just in time for her forthcoming release “Fantasea 2,” and her upcoming Coachella appearance; the spread will be made available on March 20th .

The rapper teased this hotness:


Azealia Banks