Club Owner Puts ASHANTI On Blast After Her July 4th Show Went Bust

Ashanti had quite the poppin’ night last night as well, when he no-show fizzled a few of her fans’ 4th.10956698_1572548219670971_622285630_n

It all depends on how you look at it:

It went like this.

Dressed to the 9s, made up and snatched, Ashanti took to Periscope last night to tell her fans that her performance at the Club Mixx (in New York) was canceled citing the promoter and the police shut it down.

In the video, now expired, apologized to her fans that everything went bust last minute.

The problem is however, the venue got word that Ashanti said this to her fans and submitted his counterclaim via Twitter-explaining that the promoter threw in the towel because not enough people showed up.

So obviously this incident didn’t go without a few mean tweets to the extent that Ashanti deleted the thread altogether.

As you may know (or not), Ashanti is an indie artist right now and people are firing this night off as this: obviously the promoter hadn’t paid her upfront and typically (with signed artists) the money is paid first.

With him not paying up front, that gave him the room to finagle his way out of the night as-he probably was there counting heads and it wasn’t poppin’ enough for him—then he killed the night (to avoid paying her)..





This sort of thing happened with singer Keri Hilson before however-she got her money up front.

While people ridiculed her about arena seating looking every bit like a jackolantern’s mouth, the fact of the matter and literal end of the day: She collected her chaper—all $100,000.00 of it and had this to say:




As a professional, you perform in front of a crowd of 3 just like you would a crowd of thirty thousand. And she did just that (and I’m sure Ashanti would have too).



Brandy South Africa


It happens to the best of ’em, though.

In 2013, R&B singer Brandy performed in front of a crowd of 40 in a 90k-seat stadium in South Africa for a surprise closing act for Mandela Sports and Culture Day in South Africa after South African performers David Jenkins, Elvis Blue, Salif Keita and D’Banj.

No one knew Brandy was coming and pretty much after the festivities, when the music portion of the shin dig began, everyone began to leave.

Brandy South Africa3


So by the time Brandy (who was last to hit the stage) you could scream and the sound would bounce right back atcha.

Someone from South Africa who was there tweeted:


The NY Daily News reported:

Although tens of thousands reportedly filled the stadium earlier in the day for football and rugby matches, the crowd began to slowly leave their seats once the music portion of the day began.

They all performed their sets before the R&B singer, leaving very few spectators for Brandy.

“Brandy was not going to South Africa to headline a show, she was there for a cause and was only scheduled to sing two songs as there were other performers ahead of her,” a rep for Brandy tells the Daily News. “She did not storm off stage.”

“Brandy was asked to come at the last minute to support the Nelson Mandela cause and that was the reason she went, she would go again to support the same cause regardless of how many people were in the audience,” the rep added.

B-rocka wasn’t feeling that one.

Brandy South Africa2


And not that she isn’t a professional, but she is a pro–with an over 20-year footprint in the industry and isn’t indie so, she bounced on that ounce.