“Attorney CLAIRE HUXTABLE” Speaks: BILL COSBY’s TV Wife Phylicia Rashad Finally Speaks Regarding the Allegations Against Bill

huxtables-1The unfortunate part about life and the flesh of man: [people: women, and men] is that-we are all human. Unlike animals, who completely live and survive on instinct (rather than emotion and intuition); we (humans) are ever-changing.

Part of that “ever changing” has a lot to do with the fact that when we are brought into the world, are only given about a 5-year permission slip to be who we are. After about 5 years old, our parents, grandparents, and environment (immediate and outside) begin to shape what we do and say by shunning, chastising, or accepting the things we do or say which to, are ever-changing [depending on what we go to love, like, feel, or think is okay and normal for us].

…And then: it’s on.

We live in (right-brained) a society where, in order to function as a “normal” (rather than deviate) member of society, there are rules to be followed- an order of things, beginning with schools and the bureaucracy in schools:

We learn that we have to get up in the morning to be a certain place on time, and are being reminded by ringing bells that throughout the day: we have to be at another place at a certain time, that ensures [us] that by the end of the day we have taken care of business (in the realm of education). That routine is too (although not directly telling us), we are secretly being groomed for the fact that, that’s the way things are going to go (in order to be a productive member of society and make a living, after primary education (preschool/middle school/high school).

The difference in the life after that form of grooming is that no books will be given to you and no bells will be ringing for you to remind you-by this time, the responsibility is on you.

Now…it’s on again.Bill and Phylicia 1996

In the middle of all this “life training” and “ways” to do things, we are developing personalities and meshing with others personalities-shaping who we are, what we think, and feel.


  • Whether we branch off and go to secondary education (college) then do the accepted practical societal norm: secure a practical job, (next step), procreate and make a family (next step) house on the hill, white picket fence and two dogs that go “woof woof” etc.


  • Others may skip secondary education but still do the (accepted/practical) norm: secure a practical job, (next step), procreate and make a family (next step) house on the hill, white picket fence and two dogs that go “woof woof” etc.


  • And then there’s the impractical, unaccepted, risk-taking (un-norm) that’s sure to send your family and friends in a complete uproar; often times either from disappointment in your chosen route, envy, care-but fear for you and your chosen route, or just the sheer inability to now relate to you in comparison to their practical chosen routes–leaving you with no support or encouragement—that is…until the big nickel and the glitter shows up from that thing called now called (and respected as) a “career.”


In America especially, ^ those are all the routes we (are expected) choose in order to live this life and become a functioning member of society.


The “in-betweens” of those bullet points are those in society who want neither the practical or impractical. Society knows that in due time, you can’t make it in this life until you pick one so, they have institutions in place awaiting you because they know that in due time, you’ll be stopping by soon (or a time, or two, three, or forever).

…Because you didn’t follow the rules, you see.

Social control and order.

I explained all that to give you a visual and an example of “life” and how it goes on…but keep in mind that while following these rules we still have our own