CIARA Arm in Arm With New Beau RUSSELL WILSON At Tonight’s White House State Dinner

clappingbrit The squawk of the Internet and birdville is the story unfolding that singer Ciara walked into the White House State Dinner with her new boo: the Seahawks’ Russell Wilson.

If you remember, rumors began to swirl when the pair were seen on the scene and at an MLB game outted on Twitter by the league’s account holder where too, it was reported that afterword, he gave Ciara a tour of the Pike Place Market [while on her visit to see Russell in Seattle]. Since then, it was rumored and ruined that Ciara was to be Wilson’s date for the White House Correspondents Dinner just his past weekend after reportedly, the guest list had been leaked and Ciara was penciled in as his date.

Those plans were blurred and thwarted however, when Russell Wilson posted a video of himself dancing with his grandmother Carolyn with whom he mentioned in the caption–was going to be his date [at the White House Correspondence Dinner-where last year, his mom accompanied him].

The picture’s now very clear. And obviously there was some truth to the rumor that Ciara was penciled in as Wilson’s date somewhere in the White House, because she was just seen walking into The White House State Dinner for the Japanese Prime Minister.  


 Oh what a relief! Although the quick, :15 second video showed no more than the two positioning themselves to strike a pose for the cameras…   …it was alot better than the last :15 second video [showing Russell completely deflecting the question when asked if he was dating Ciara]. This time, he made up for it however, and all hope is kept alive that Ciara is the winner of her of her own bet [on ex-rapper, Future!]:

I bet you start loving me. Soon as you see me with someone else. Somebody other than you. I bet you start needing me, soon as you see me with somebody else-somebody better than you.”


  Let’s keep our fingers as crossed as Ciara’s heart is no longer in hopes that things keep poppin’!

Ciarac dancing

They’re a good-looking couple! Ciara, on the other hand-is gonna have to move a liiiitttle quicker to keep up with the NFL quarterback:

  Although Ciara wasn’t at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner with Russell, she was there in spirit, perhaps. Reportedly, when he was asked if he was dating someone he didn’t mention Ciara by name but did say there was “someone.” “I don’t talk about it too much. But there is someone in mind. I’ll say that.”