CHRISTINA AGUILERA To Perform At NBA All Star Games February 15


Just about a week or so ago, Christina Aguilera posted at pic of her “Lil Diva” with the caption warning us all that another one was about to conquer the world.



As it stands-new news has come in stating the same for The Voice coach herself!


Along with Ariana Grande (who was just penciled in as being scheduled to perform at half-time) joined by the NYC Rockettes, Aguilera will be performing during player announcements-doing a New York-themed medley at the 64th Annual NBA All-Star Games at Madison Square Gardens on February 15.



The festivities will be airing live at 8 p.m. EST on TNT.


As well, February 23, Summer Rain’s mommy will be returning back to NBC for The Voice’s eighth season.


That’s right-can’t hold her down, at all!