CHRIS BROWN’s Breakfast Club Interview – Talks: Fans, Karrueche, Rihanna, Drake, Kanye, Pharrell, 50 Cent, Jay Z, Marriage, Kids & More

Chris Brown stopped by the Breakfast Club to do a radio interview in promotion of his latest CD “Fan of a Fan” whereby he had some interesting responses that inquiring minds want to know. In no particular order, I will give you a summary of highlights (or cliff notes-whichever you wish to call it) of (as few things) what was covered:images (1)


On Kanye:

“He’s cool”-over the past couple of months, he and Kanye have become cordial/friendly. Where many feel that Kanye complains, he pretty much agrees with a lot of things Kanye raises question about and has issues with (no-he did not say whether or not he agreed with the Beyonce over Beck Grammy, he was just saying “in general”).


drakeOn Drake:

Basically kept making reference to the fact that talking about him doesn’t make him any money-did however, sneak one in while talking about Rihanna (which I will mention shortly).




On Pharrell:

Although not particularly “friends” with anyone in the industry (outside of Tyga right not), if there was anyone he felt he could look up to-to get sound, sagacious advice that he would really listen to and trust, it would be Pharrell. Why? Because Pharrell doesn’t feel the need or pressure to “fit in,” or trying to be something he’s not, basically.


On 50 Cent:

Says he learned a lot from 50 and where he gets most of his “ideas.” He didn’t really specify what those “ideas” were but he did say that like him, 50 Cent is who he is: himself. Sounded pretty much like that’s what he meant-learning from 50 that was okay to just be himself.

images (2)

On Jay Z:

Despite the rumors, he doesn’t feel like he was “blocked” by Jay Z or that Jay Z felt any type of ‘way’ about him negatively such that he “blocked” him. Says Jay Z’s always been nice to him.


His Image:

Feels it’s 50/50. Doesn’t fully blame the media but feels the negative is what they highlight the most.


His community service

Pretty much cooperated and respected the process. Can’t wait until the probation is over. Painted walls and felt a connection to the youth-he could relate to their plight


Will he ever do a memoir/book on his life

No, but a movie perhaps-pretty much the feels being demonstrative/action would be a better suit for telling his story than a book would


chris brown interviewFans/management/PR

Pretty much is not in denial that he will “go in” on disrespectful fans and is pretty much natural in his responses in person and online (even if he deletes what he says). But feels that because of how he is, he would be best suited for PR that’s “gatekeepers” and would risk accepting that he’s human and anything could go down-not in the nature of what got him in trouble in the first place as, he’s not willing to risk the millions he’s lost over that, but pretty much he’d like to have “gatekeepers” that would risk it for him as he, himself is a “risk” (by reputation).

Sorta like how Nike rode with Tiger during his “trangressions.” Tiger had “gatekeepers” in Nike. That’s the best way I can summarize that for you to understand.


The shows host (Angela Yee) made mention that when she went on the talk show “The Real” she was banned from using the name “Chris Brown” and that it could not be used on the show at all-by anyone

Chris didn’t seem to care about that much but did somewhere in the interview (insinuate) that people do things for publicity that they too, know will get a rise out of him and force him to respond-didn’t necessarily point them (on the show) out but you could kinda put two and two together.


“These H0es Aint Loyal”

Although people had a problem with it, the fact of the matter was: he lived that-every lyric. Where (as an example) he mentioned how amazing it was that the same girls that would be out and over at such-an-such’s place and hanging out, he would bump into at the next…and on and on the circle of the same went. So that was the inspiration by which the song was derived.

Basically, have a listen to Snoop, Nate Dogg, and Tupac’s “All About You” was the best analogy that came to mind for me. Have a listen:


On Karreuche

They’re solid. He’s been on faithful but she understands that sometimes the lifestyle and creative process come from experience that are not conducive to a committed relationship. Although he as resisted that temptation she is aware that—basically (like the previous) some experiences (whether sexual or whatnot) come from experiences that may not be ‘boyfriend’-like but the are [quote]: “good”[unquote] and she’s “my girl” he expressed.


On Marriage

Does want children but too young for marriage-fears the possibility of forking over half of what he alone worked too hard to get.images (3)

Also feels that as compared to today’s world with the Instagrams and such, everybody (including girls-not just guys) are so on “turn up” mode that at any given moment (and although he and Karrueche agreed to turned down on Instagram from leaving the gates open for people to have opinions about their relationship) still, at any given moment, he too could very well “turn up.” Basically, he doesn’t feel people love today/in this day and time such that marriage is a good thing right now-maybe when he’s 30 or so.


On Rihanna


“Who else in this game she gonna go to? Some corny singing rapper?”


“…some corny singer rapper named Aubrey?”

[When asked about Leonardo DiCaprio]:

“That’s nice. That’s a good choice. What she do now, I got respect for her and all that, whatever her choice is. But at the time, not to too my own horn, but who’s hotter than me?”