CHARLIE SHEEN Unleashes His #Tigerblood On Ex DENISE RICHARDS + One-Time Recipient of Charle’s #Tigerblood KIM KARDASHIAN Announces 2nd ‘Cub’s Sex

Oh Charlie. Out here acting like a ham again.

Although things have been pretty quiet between Charlie Sheen and his ex: actress Denise Richards, today proved the one time doting couple (slash) husband and wife who, together, made kids-still have beef.

Whether or not his next move is exactly #winning or no, I dunno. But the fact is: #Tigerblood struck again. And this time, he clawed at Richards: the mother of his cubs.

charlie and denise and kids

Deleted now, but in what looks like a page torn out of a 5th graders Trapper Keeper loose-leaf notebook, the 49 year-old Anger Management and former Two and a Half Men actor posted messages to his Twitter account-making it clear-the difference between his current wife Brooke Mueller and ex wife Denise (who he refers to as a ‘heretic washed up piglet shame pile-by comparison to Brooke-by whom he refers to as ‘a sexy rok star whom I adore):

Don’t know what brought that on-on a day like Father’s Day, but from the looks of it, they may be having some legal spat— that’s better off none of any our business.

Charlie ranted on, putting us all up in and through the business:

“open letter to
Denise Richards
is a shake down
piece of shit doosh phace
worst mom alive!
a despicable charlatan who
sux ISIs
(and cock)
fuk it

I’m out

I have paid that
Klay-Vinnik leaky diaper
over 30 Mil
and she calls me
a DbD!

see u in
court you evil
terrorist sack of landfill rash

bitch couldn’t act
hot in a fire
wet in a pool

you should all
hear her acting lessons:
sounds like
dolphins sucking off

this gangster
Sheenius will be
really grandma?
I’m the

and now I’m

last note;
this lab rat
is from a retarded
shit hole named
Downers Grove

nothing further your Honor

hash tag
go fuk Sambora some more
“Dood thief”

that genius called
me 1000 times to ask
“how can I get the
ass funk to be less,

the only answer I had
to tell him to
“steep” that hedgehog
in bleach…”
twice a day

for a year
fukker whore

and hey Irv;

go fuk yourself pussy

I am the truth
you are my enemy

try me

I dubble dare ya
skinny boy face

Sir © of the Sheen
stand by

Denise just in with the perfect response:


I mean, you can’t wrestle with #Tigerblood so just sit that out there and keep movin.’ Gold star for Denise. Charlie is a pistol!  If my memory serves me correct however, all it takes to put #Tigerblood ’s tail between his legs is a little bit of Rihanna. Because so far, studies have shown that out of anybody he’s based out online, Rihanna handled him best. Check it out here. It was pretty funny.


As well, Kim Kardashian has been the recipient of some #Tigerblood before. Nowadays however, she’s excited about her next cub being that of a baby boy. Yesterday, she posted this pic and sentiments:11267115_1859084647650794_1516407725_n

Precious moments like this when we were traveling on tour with you are what I live for. You’re such a good daddy to North & you will be the best daddy to our new son too! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Posted by Kim Kardashian on Sunday, June 21, 2015

We’re gonna turn it over to our friends at Us Weekly to share with yous, the posh life and whatnots baby North West is soon going to have to share with her little brother!