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Entertainment: When Stars or Fans Get Out of Hand

NewAmid REMY Wrangle, NICKI MINAJ Gets Tongues Wagging Another Way By Channeling Her Inner LIL KIM

NewHow NICKI MINAJ Finally Met Her Match: Despite How Real Sh|t Got and Continues To Get, NICKI & REMY MA’s Rap Wrangle Is Kismet


NewResidual Republican STACEY DASH Ditched By FOX

NewDONALD’s IN-NOT-Guaration: A Comprehensive List of Inauguration Dropouts + DL HUGHLEY Slams STEVE HARVEY & TRUMP While ZOE SALDANA Claims Trump Is Being Bullied

NewJanuary Gossip Files

NewWhat Would GOD Say? Dear KIM BURRELL: Gay (Or Gluttony) “The Sin” Is A Sin, Is A Sin (Just The Same)

NewSo Cold in the ‘D’: Singer TREY SONGZ Arrested For Assault – Due in Court January 5

NewAfter Being Butchered Online, LENA DUNHAM Apologizes For Saying She Wishes She Would Have Had An Abortion + Why She Said It

NewBarber Shop Banter: Rapper FUTURE Said JAY Z Wasn’t Poppin’ ‘Til TUPAC & BIGGIE Got Popped (But JAY Z Admitted It Too)…Let’s Uncover:


NewFashion Forward or Fcking Offensive: A Slave Ship Mini

NewKANYE Reportedly Hospitalized For ‘Erratic Behavior’ Just Days After Spewing On Stage At JAY Z & BEYONCE

NewIs Voting America’s Political Prom and Publicity Stunt for a Mere Consensus Check-In? Meet 1 Man From The Electoral College

New#ImWithHair-Out Of It: FBI Director JAMES COMEY’s Clinton Email Combthrough Meets End–Again DONALD TRUMP On His Best Pre-Election (Twitter) Behavior

NewJUSTIN TIMBERLAKE Social-Scolded After Taking Selfies In The Voting Box + Why That Should Serve As Your Warning Not To Do It

NewSomebody Breaks Ground On TRUMP’S Walk Of Fame While He Currently Builds Next To White House

NewGLORIA ALLRED To Defend Victim Of TRUMP Breast Grope 27 Years Ago

NewWho’s That Thinking ‘Nasty’ Thoughts? Pop & Politics and How TRUMP The Pussy Grabber Had To Back That Thang Up After Calling HILLARY ‘Nasty’

NewSeptember Gossip Files

NewAtlanta Federal Court Judge Rules Singer PEBBLES Can Proceed To Sue VH1’s VIACOM Regarding Role in 2013 TLC Biopic

NewCurrent Situation: CHRIS BROWN Standoff – Holed Up In His Tarzana California Home Amid Accusations He Pulled Gun Out On Woman

NewWhat Even The Lesser Money’d Woman Can Learn From AMBER HEARD On How To Handle Herself After The “Love” Is Gone When He (And The World) Reduces You To Nothing But A Gold Digging Slut

NewThe 2016 VH1 MTV Video Music Awards & The Tale of Two Reasons Why TAYLOR SWIFT Will Not Be Attending Sunday’s Shin Dig

NewQuip Queen CHRISSY TEIGEN Blasts Miss Universe Organization For Their Lack of Diversity – While 2016 Miss Teen USA Karlie Hay Is Exposed For ‘N’ Word Use & Lack of Cultural Diveristy

NewMELANIA TRUMP Dragged For Plagiarizing MICHELLE OBAMA’s 2008 Speech – DONALD For FREEDIE MERCURY Theme Song + A Look What Sensationalism Has Brought Us Down To

NewWENDY WILLIAMS’ Comment On NAACP and HBCU’s Cost Her CHEVROLET Sponsorship

NewDress You Up In My Love: CHRISTIAN SIRIANO Dresses LESLIE JONES In Red Hot Number For GHOSTBUSTERS Premeire

NewDepreciation In Advance: SHONDA RHIMES Disses Petition To Remove JESSE WILLIAMS From GREY’S ANATOMY + Why This Petition Was An Oxymoron

NewMight ESSENCE Magazine Writer’s Millennium Diss From 2000 Be The Reason LIL’ KIM Pulled Out Of The ESSENCE FEST?

NewNo Designers Would Dress SNL Star LESLIE JONESFor the GHOSTBUSTERS Premier, Then CHRISTIAN SIRIANO Did This

NewResponding To JESSE WILLIAMS’ BET AWARDS Speech Makes 2nd Time JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE Got Dragged + Know Exactly What The Culture Demands (If It’s Going To Be Appropriated)


NewBERNIE SANDERS Doesn’t Hold The Truth Of His No Chance of Being President To Be Self-Evident – Costs Taxypayers $38k Each Day He Stays

NewSTEPH CURRY Acting Light-Skinned At Game 6: Throws Mouthguard in Stands Post Fouling Out + Ayesha Curry Locked Out & Fam Harrassed – Coincidence?

NewAZEALIA BANKS Admits To Skin Bleaching – Have You Done Anything To ‘Change The Skin You’re In?’

NewSoon We’ll Know If MUHAMMAD ALI Was A Champion Lover Too – Ex Jumpoff Barbara Mensah Shopping Sex Tape

NewHaving Once Jacked Up The NATIONAL ANTHEM, We Knew ROSEANNE BARR Wasn’t Sh|t – Now Backs DONALD TRUMP


New#NBAFinals: Was LEBRON JAMES’ Timely Apology To STEPH CURRY For The Karma Gods—Or A Mental Tactic To Disarm Him For Tonight’s Game?

NewWhat Makes BIG BOI Wrong + Right About His Insulting Meme About FLORIDA EVANS x Women Of Today

NewWas CHRIS BROWN Wrong Or Right To Be Upset About The Way His Daughter Was Dressed Online?

NewIs BLAKE LIVELY Too “Becky” To Cop To Having An “L.A Face & Oakland Booty?” SIR-MIX-ALOT Says No

NewCHRISSY TEIGEN Takes On Haters At @GMA in Figure-Flattering Popover Top in Green! Get This Look in Royal Blue!

NewMARIAH CAREY Still Being Petty …And Still Doesn’t Technically ‘Know’ JLO -She Tells ANDY COHEN On BRAVO


NewConstruction Worker Setting Stage For BEYONCÉ’s #FormationTour Apologizes For “Wishing” It Would Fall On Her

NewHEIDI CRUZ Compares TED CRUZ’s 4-Year Campaign Fight To The “25 Years It Took To Defeat Slavery”

New” KISS’ “PAULY STANLEY Apologizes For Bandmate GENE SIMMONS’ “Pathetic” PRINCE Death Tongue Lashing + We’re His Statements As Half-Cocked As Taken?

NewHusband and Father of 4, Rapper SNOOP Says He’s Leaving No Will + Marriage x Relationship And When (Before) Death We SHOULD Part

NewSINEAD O’CONNOR Stands By ARSENIO HALL Having Dealt Drugs To PRINCE – Laughs At His Lawsuit Against Her

New‘Mommyism,’ JANET JACKSON Being Preggers, and Why We Needn’t Be Concerned

NewPRINCE’s Alleged Love Child Steps Forward + With No Will Found, Should SHEILA E Oversee This Whole Thing?

New“LIVE! With KELLY & MICHAEL” Dead? MICHAEL STRAHAN Unexpectedly Leaves For @GMA

New#WednesdayWisdom AZEALIA BANKS & ERYKAH BADU Bury The Hatchet + What All Artists Need To Know About Tearing Their A$$ With Thier Fans

NewLEBRON JAMES Caught DM’ing Teammate JOSHUA BOYER’s Girl — Or Did She Just Take One For the Team? You Decide

NewDRAKE Cleared in Toronto Rapper MO G’s Beating – Drops “Pop Style” & “One Dance” Today

NewLookout: BEYONCE On 45 @ELLEMAGAZINE Covers + @LULULEMON Says Her IVY PARK Line Jocked Their Style – #Beyhive Goes In

NewShoot Your Shot: Little Boy Takes Shot In The Paint In A B-Line Straight At CARMELO ANTHONY

NewBen Affleck ‘s #SadAffleck After Effect: #BatmanVSuperman Wins Big At Box Office Despite Haters

NewWhy KIM KARDASHIAN’s Going To Have To Hurry Up And Decide If She’s Going To Be The Lady (Or The Tramp)

NewAARON CARTER Twitter Bullied For Announcing DONALD TRUMP Endorsement –Pending LGBT Stance

NewCigarette, Orange Hair Don’t Care: PARIS JACKSON Already Put You On Notice She Doesn’t Know You And Owes You Nothing

NewIf Your Relationship Is On Display Is It All For ‘Play’? Busted: SAGE THE GEMINI Used JORDIN SPARKS For Publicity – Ex Leaks Audio Of His Admitting Relationship Stunt

NewDR. LUKE + Atty CHRISTINE LEPERA Speak: No Need To #FreeKeshaNow – She’s Just Scapegoating To Escape Sony

NewIn Support of NIKE MAGIC JOHNSON Makes His Support of MANNY PACQUIAO Disappear

NewBlack Anti-#BlackLivesMatter Activist + Mayor GIULIANI Calls BEYONCE’s #Formation Police Car Shoot Disrespectful – Does A Mere Video Shoot Compare To Actual ShootINGS?

NewCIARA Sues FUTURE For 15 Million To Match 15K He Claims Pays And For The 15 Minutes He Persistently Puts Her ‘Out There’

NewNobel Peace Prize For Trump Despite Peace He Disrupted

NewNo Duckets for the Vets: In Lieu of TRUMP’s Veteran Fundraiser, His Campaign Sends Bumper Stickers in Reply For Help

NewSh|t Happens: AMBER ROSE Anal-Shames KANYE – Should He Be? I’ve Gotten Caught In ‘Sh|t Happens’ Situations Too – Ashamed? No

New“Megyn Moderation”: How MEGYN KELLY, Short-Tressed And Ready, Trumps TRUMP By Default

NewPGA Snobs? Pro Golfer THOMAS PIETERS Says PGA Photo Shopped His Curly Hair For Site Profile


NewMARIAH CAREY: Now That We Found Love What Are We Gonna Do With It? Newly Engaged Yet NICK CANNON Has Yet To Sign Divorce Papers – Wishes Well On “Future Union”

NewTYRESE Interviews w/ SWAY Re: His #OscarsSoWhite Plight & CHRIS ROCK Stepping Down as Host

NewSTACEY DASH Feels Boycotting Black History Month and BET Is As Necessary As Boycotting the OSCARS

New“Aunt Viv” JANET HUBERT Considers JADA PINKETT SMITH’s Boycott ‘Karma’ For WILL SMITH Reads JADA Riot Act + (Update: Jada & Will Speak)

NewJADA PINKETT SMITH Excuses CHRIS ROCK’s Pre planned Penciling In As OSCAR’s Host (Implores All Other People of Color To Quit “Begging For Acknowledgement”)


NewMADONNA: “Its possible to be an entertainer and a good mother!!! Too bad we don’t live in a society where many encourage strong independent single working moms!”

NewCOLDPLAY’s Lukewarm December Half Time Announcement Gets Boost with BEYONCE

NewIs Ambulance Chasing GLORIA ALLRED ‘s Case of 14 Year-Old Girl Against TYGA Made Possible By His Own Music & Social Media Footprint?

NewAZEALIA BANKS Cashes In The Old Her – Looks Forward To A Better New Year

NewBabies, Brown Boys, Bland & Bill: Top 2015 Cases Get Resolutions Just In Time For Top of New Year – GLEE Star MARK SALLING & BILL COSBY Go Out With Shame

NewFan Wish: That CHRISSY TEIGEN & JOHN LEGEND Jump The Broom Before Parenthood and Baby Bumps

NewDAVID SPADE Says PRES. OBAMA Is “Thirsty” + Why OBAMA Is The U.S Presidency’s Social Media 1st “Crash Test Dummy”

NewCaught Out There: New Dad IMAN SHUMPERT (Cheating) & Right Wing STACEY DASH (Aborting) – Is Social Media Attention for Fame Worth The Shame?

NewNick Gordon Wishes All A Merry Xmas…(w/a Pic of He & The Deceased) BOBBI KRISTINA

NewRiding in: Sex Tape of LARK VOORHIES & Ex Jimmy Green Scheduled To Drop Today

NewIf DONALD TRUMPs Gonna Try And Run This World, He Needs To Know How To Fly With Eagles

NewThe U.S’ #1 Fan (Yet Again) Out of Hand: North Korea’s KIM JUNG UN Threatens To Now Have Thermonuclear Bomb, Experts Doubt It

NewSensationalism and STACEY DASH: Why She Needs To Have Several Seats

NewJERMAINE JACKSON Bitten In Leg By Wife During Domestic Dispute Turkey Day Weekend

NewWALE Apologizes For Celebrating Objectifying Black Women w/Pic of Object of Subject That Came To Life & Undone On Him + Is Hip-Hop Culture Growing Over The Superficial Hump Already?

NewPigtailed Pretend-Scientist on NCIS PAULEY PERRETTE Brutally Attacked By Transient Near Her Home in Los Angeles

NewWho in the Hell Is SARAH SNYDER?

NewAfter Insinuating He Was Gay, 50 CENT Puts It Out There That VIVICA FOX Tossed His Salad+Does Such Sex Act Mean A Man is Gay?

NewBoth BEYONCE & SOLANGE’s Children Get Dissed By Fans This Week – BEYHIVE Launched A Two-Day Sting On Twitter User

New‘Boy Bye!’ OPRAH Buying B.E.T Merely An Acronym for “Boy Exit There” After Being Ambushed By “Secret Son” From Past + Are Mentors Responsible For The Follow Through?

NewAnswers Finally: ANGELINA JOLIE Claims “Death Stare” Was Actually ‘Concern’ And Empathy For SONY’s AMY PASCAL

New“Super SERENA” Apprehends Cell Phone Assailant Who Scurried Off With Her Phone

NewCHRIS BROWN Forewarns You About a Story On Him Due To Go Viral Is “Bogus”

NewTLC “Aint To Proud To Beg” (Or Bait?) TBOZ Disses Fan Who Questions Promised Album Drop After Having Secured Crowd Fund Monies

NewRapper FETTY WAP Threatens To Shoot Baby’s Mom After On Air Interview + How “Effective” Is Exposing People Online? (Or Not)

NewRUSSELL SIMMONS Asks For Permission To Treat Himself To A Boo Fest This Halloween After Tricking RUSHCARD Members Of Their Monies [That Are] Still, Nearly 30 Days Ghost

NewBILLBOARD Scolded on Twitter For Putting Baby NORTH WEST Out There (As Narcissistic?)

NewFUTURE Claims No Take Off With BLAC CHYNA + Why It’s Important To Balance Your Acumen w/Your Target’s Ambition

NewDid YAZZTHEGREATEST Push His Family Away?

NewBEYONCE Takes Over TIDALx1020

NewDRAKE’s Hotline Bling Dialed Down As Stolen By DRAM

NewRUSHCARD Freeze: 3 Steps To Get Your Money & Life Back Today

NewRappers DEJ LOAF & B.O.B Put On Blast For Faking New Relationships To Hide and Bury Their Pasts

New‘JAY Z’ Kinda On Trial For Murder & “Big Pimpin”

NewRUSSELL SIMMONS’ “Rushcard” Customers Without Access To Their Money for Over 24 Hours Now

NewAw Man Homie…My Grind Is Playing Tricks On Me: Hip Hop Artist SCARFACE Arrested Moments From Exiting Stage After Receiving BET Hip Hop Honor

NewRAVEN-SYMONE Issues Public Apology: “My comment was in poor taste. My lack of empathy towards name discrimination was uncalled for”

NewFormer Talk Show MONTELL WILLIAMS Accuses Twactivist SHAUN KING Of Being a Drama Queen + Bids Brit PIERS MORGAN To Admit His White Privilege

NewSomebody Told On RAVEN-SYMONE: Dad Declares “Her Mother And I Love Her Very Much And Will Always Support Her And Have Her Back. Even If Sometimes……….She Says Some Dumb S#%T!”

NewDespite Her ‘Ghetto’ Hairstyles (and ‘Ghetto’ Name) ‘RAVEN SYMONE’ Won’t Hire YOU With a ‘Ghetto’ Name + Don’t We All Have An Instant Perception Of ‘Person’ By Their Name?

NewSmart Girl Gems On What To Do Once You Break His Code

NewBe Careful What You Ask For, You Just Might Get….Stuck With It: How KANYE’s Latest Interview Proves He Needs To Understand That Even The KARDASHIAN’s Have An Industry ‘Limit’

NewFARRAH FRANKLIN’s ‘Management Team’ Refutes DESTINY’s CHILD Tell-All Rumors + Why FARRAH And Her Team Needs To Take A Page Out Of BEYONCE & DESTINY’s CHILD’s Blueprint and ‘Book’

NewWIZ KHALIFA Shows Support of AMBER ROSE Post #SlutWalk + Why This Means It Was A Success Afterall

NewEMPIRE Soars Then Slips And 50 Cent Quips: ‘It’s Those Gay Plots’


NewJADEN SMITH’s Shoplifting Significant Other “SARAHFUCKINGSNYDER” Wears Her Mugshot Proudly

NewGLORY JOHNSON Court-Ordered 20 Minutes Max To Get All Belongings Out of She & BRITTNEY GRINER’s Home + GRINER Suspended

NewChicago Bulls’ DERRICK ROSE Asserts Accuser Consented To Group Sex + The Foul In ‘Dating’ Ball Players & Celebs – Things Every Woman Should Know

NewFormer DESTINY’s CHILD Member Rumored To Soon Drop Tell-All…Starring BEYONCE

NewGirl Groped By AUGUST ALSINA Says He Owes Her Nothing + How He Lashed Out At The Outlash

NewBirthday Shin Digs & Bad Table Manners: MAMA DEE Cleared of Dine & Dash + LL COOL J’s Son NAJEE Scuffles w/Restaurant Staff ?

NewBLUE IVY CARTER Is Her Own Rockstar…Who Can Handle Her Own Fans…And Can Graciously Watch Her Mommy Be A Rockstar…Among Her Mommy’s Fan’s

NewAUGUST ALSINA Under Fire For Groping & Riding Down Woman’s Breasts Live On Stage + For Years, JANET JACKSON Did Too – Is There A Double Standard?

NewKARL MALONE Caught on Cam: New Wife, Old Dance………Old ‘Flip Phone’ in Hand

NewQueen in the Milwaukee Dungeon: LOVE & HIP HOP ATLANTA’s “Mama Dee” Thrown in Milwaukee Jail Among Peasants

New‘My Way’ Rapper Fetty Wap Hit and Hospitalized After Motorcycle Accident

NewGospel Singer DONNIE MCCLURKIN Turns Shade To Sun and 50 Cent Turns Diss To a Tryst & Reminisce After EMPIRE Shades ‘Em Both On Last Night’s Premier Episode

NewWhat’s A Girl To Do When The Man You Love No Longer Wants You? Singer KMICHELLE Claims Her ‘Swan Song’ of an Email To Ex Lover IDRIS ELBA Was ‘Leaked’, What Say You?

NewDue To SEAHAWK’s Starting Losing Streak “I Bet” Singer CIARA Gets Breakup Bounty Put Out On Her + FUTURE Speaks Since Photos of Thier Son w/ NFL Player Leaked

NewKELLY And MICHAEL Co Host KELLY RIPA Star Struck – Catching MADONNA In the Clutches of Her Crucial Death Grip From Front Row

NewSEAN PENN Sues EMPIRE’s LEE DANIELS + PEN’s Letter To MADONNA & Attends “Rebel Heart” Concert Where She Commixed To Strumming His Pain w/Her Fingers and…Reciting Their Life…w/His Words {Video}

NewMATTHEW KNOWLES Shows Up On BEYONCE’s Birthday Well-Wish List, Interviews w/INSIDE EDITION Claiming No Bad Blood Because, Why?

NewLENA DUNHAM’s Social Media Diss & How #BlackGirlMagic Cast A Spell on EMMY Night + Are We Fake and Fear When Sh/t Gets Real?

NewKANYE Goes On A ‘Ready-To-Wear’ Rant After Being Blasted By ICE T + Fashion Critic CATHY HORYN Slams Collection As “Drab” + What Could Be Done To Give KANYE’s Collection Some ‘Life’?

NewJust ‘Cause Ms. PATTI LABELLE Likes “Tell Me What That Thang Smell Like” Doesn’t Mean She Wants To Smell Yours: Soul Legend Gets 2015’d Live On Stage

NewHSN’s President BILL BRAND Defends JESSICA SIMPSON’s Sobriety + Is It That Our Perception of Live v. Scripted or Still Life v. Video Startles Perception’s Reality?

NewThick As….Thieves: Newly Revealed Blind Item Reports CHRISTINA MILIAN Creeping w/CHRIS BROWN Under KARRUECHE’s Nose

NewDuly Noted: MATT DAMON #Damonsplained ‘Diversity’ Debacle – Apologizes That His Comments “Offended Some People”

New‘Is This Tuning In You Have Here Or Is This Drunken?’ JESSICA SIMPSON Appears Questionably Drunk on HSN

NewJADEN SMITH’s Got Himself a Modern Day BONNIE – His 16k Hermès Bandit’s Got a Petite Rap Sheet

NewAfter Month Long Feud With “Baby Mama” Tia, RICK ROSS Proposed To Short-Time Girlfriend + How This Having Come Full Circle Means 50 CENT Officially Lost He & RICKS War

NewNICKI MINAJ: This Week’s Award Winner of ‘The Most Savage Shade Thrown’ By The Papz & Ex

NewUp From Peace & His Paws, SNOOP Addresses ‘Drama in the LBC’ Rumors

NewLINDSAY LOHAN’s Incoherent Post Leave Many Perplexed – Was This Merely Words Behind Her “Pretty Picture”? What Your HTML?

NewRappers INKMONSTARR & STITCHES Put KYLIE On Blast to Spite TYGA & Threatens To Drop More – Is All This Trendy Industry Relationship-Bopping ‘Worth It’?

NewWhen A Meme Becomes A YouYou: YOUNG THUG Threatens Rapper PLIES For RePosting Social Media Video Meme—Starring His Daugther

NewConspiracy Theorists Are Swarming- Claiming SERENA’s U.S. Open Loss This Afternoon Was Due To Hanging Out w/DRAKE & KIM KARDASHIAN

NewIn New Memoir, GRACE JONES Pens Passage Pummeling Pop Starlets For Peeling From the Pages of Her Style & Fashion Past

NewSNOOP Got Run Up Out The LBC? Homie From SNOOPS Hood Warns Him Not To Come Back Through

NewKARRINE “Superhead” STEFFANS Caught Out There Claiming Backstage Concert Pic of LIL WAYNE Hers? + Let’s Get To The Bottom of SUPERHEAD’s Antics 20+ Years Later

NewJust in: JUSTIN BEIBER’s Epiphany and Reason for His Mid-Performance Breakdown On Stage at the VMAs

NewGETTING TO THE BOTTOM OF IT ALL: An Open Letter To ELISABETH HASSELBECK (And #BlackTwitter) Regarding “BlackLivesMatter” — Let’s Uncover What a ‘Revolution’ Is vs. A “Hate Group”

NewI Get So Phony: A Lonely NICK GORDON Re-Opens His Twitter and Heart To Express His Missing “WHITENY” & His “Everything” and “Best Friend” BOBBI KRISTINA

NewICYMI: Your 2015 MTV VMAs Recap of All Speeches, All (Outdoor and Indoor) Performances, and Other Unforgettable Moments! (+ Noms & Winners List)

NewSHANE MOSLEY’s Girlfriend Suffers ReperCUFFsion At The Hand of His Opponent RICARDO MAYORGA

NewUnbreaking Hearts: Despite Rumors & Pics of SERENA & DRAKE Being Boo’d Up, SERENA’s Focused On THEE Game–Not DRAKE’s


NewWas EAZY E Killed Before He Could Kill SUGE KNIGHT? Footage of KNIGHT Insinuating EAZY E Was Purposely Injected w/the AIDS VIrus Surfaces + Is SUGE’s Indirect Jail Sentence Karma?

NewCleveland Cavs’ JR SMITH Dumps Longtime Girlfriend Ashley Weatherspoon To Marry Baby’s Mother

NewTAYLOR SWIFT Gets Gams Grabbed By Overzealous Fan in Edmonton

NewCirca 2011…KOLA BOOF Strikes Again: The BIN LADEN Misstress & Novelist Puts Rapper WALE All Out There After Hearing He Dissed Her In New Song

NewTexts of STEVEN TYLER Teasing LENNY About His On Stage ‘Pantics’ and Tallywacker

NewRock Out With His C__k Out: LENNY KRAVITZ Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction in Stockholm

NewWhen Taking One For The Team Backfires: How KELLY OSBOURNE Is Guilty of Making A Racist STEREOTYPE But Not OF Being RACIST Regarding Her Comment “If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilets, Donald Trump?”

NewShades of Grey Poop-On & Beef On The Low: STARZ & HBO Execs Go Toe-To-Show, ONE DIRECTION & ZAYN MALIK Sub-Dissing Each Other? Did IGGY Refer To BRITNEY As ‘Wash Up’? + Is It Premature (Or Premeditated) That CIARA Allowed She & FUTURE’s Son To Be Photo’d With New Boyfriend RUSSELL WILSON?

NewDisaster Down Under? ASHANTI & JA RULE Reportedly Late For Show Then Performing Only 20 Minutes – ASHANTI Pummeled With Evian

NewFor The Record: MEEK MILL Responds With Diss For DRAKE

NewMADONNA Enlists Stripping Nuns For ‘REBEL HEART’ Tour Video & Solicits A Severe Tongue Lashing By “THE TALK”

NewAbout Last Night: JANET JACKSON’S Niece Spazzes Out On Twitter “You Guys Don’t Know How Horrible Of An Aunt She Is – She’s a Bitch.” Exactly What IS “Family”, Friends?–Lets Weigh In

NewYou Can’t Sit With Us: ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Star SAMIRA WILEY Excuses RAVEN SYMONE & Friends From Table


NewBefore KATY PERRY Could Call TAYLOR SWIFT To The Carpet, She Thinks Herself Through & Rolls It Out For NICKI MINAJ: Apologizes About Last Night

NewPIERS MORGAN’s Attempt to Define “Black Twitter” After Rebutting #BlackLivesMatter Then Rebuking NICKI MINAJ’s Race Rant @ MTV Got Him Read The Riot Act Today

NewThe July Cry: Last Year WALE, This Year DRAKE: MEEK MILL Accuses DRAKE Of Having a Ghostwriter After No Show of Public Support of His Latest CD + What Sensitive Artists Need To Hurry Up And Know

NewDONALD TRUMP Pulls Adolescent Stunt Mid-Speech After Sen. LINDSEY GRAHAM Calls Him a Jackass: Gives His Phone Number To The World

New..Meanwhile Amid TAYLOR SWIFT and NICKI MINAJ’s Big VMA “Video of the Year” Award Stink, RIHANNA Steps in and Premiers New Perfume: Pss Pss

NewStunting or What? Is This It For DRAYA & COWBOYS’ ORLANDO SCANDRICKs Scandal For the Final, Final Time? + What DRAYA’s Doing Right (And What DRAYA’s Doing Wrong)

NewWhen A Woman’s Fed Up: CIARA Responds To FUTURE’s Rockdoc – Why Men & Women Speak A Different Language of Understanding in Love

NewLook! Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird! It’s A……..Drink! – Former Friend BIRDMAN Throws His Drinks Down On LIL WAYNE During His Show In Miami Last Night

New’50’ Puts His Name to Use Declaring He’s ‘0’: Files Bankruptcy On RICK ROSS Baby’s Mother Punitive Damages Sex Tape Suit – Claims He Has $50 Mill in Assets (and $50 Mill in Liabilities) =$0

NewKYLIE JENNER (In Cornrows) “Woke Up Like Diss” –And Gets Dissed By Actress & Cultural Appropriator AMANDLA STENBERG + Did Transgender CAITLYN Have The ‘Talk’ With KYLIE About TYGA & His Transgender Sidepiece?

NewARIANA GRANDE Caught Out There: On Tape Spitting On Donuts Eventually Sold To Unsuspecting Customers + DEMI LOVATO Replaces Her As Headliner in Upcoming MLB ALL-STAR GAMES in Cincinnati

NewTYGA’s Cheating Secret Exposed: Transgender Actress Claims Being Sidechick Since He Was With BLAC CHYNA …And KYLIE Too

NewYESTERDAY: $200K Bounty On Pic For BOBBI KRISTINAs Body As-Is TODAY: Photo Shopped Around TMZ Turns It Down

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