Exactly How Are YOU Reclaiming Your Time?

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos “Reclaiming My

Just ̶D̶o̶ Don’t Do It: REEBOK Schools TRUMP On Presidential Appropriation + Why TRUMP’s Obvious Acts of ‘Physical Anthropology’ Will Never Be Accepted As An Apology

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My Summary of ABC’s Political Editor Chris Uhlmann’s Summary of President Trump’s G20 Meeting / Summit – What Now?

So while you listen to this delivery of the

ASHTON KUCHER On Capital Hill Fighting For Age Consent Laws, MILO YIANNOPOLOUS Under Scrutiny For Advocating Under Age Sex, LISA MARIE PRESSLEY’s Husband Found With ‘Disturbing Media Involving Kids’, UBER Office Riddled With Sexual, Unchecked, Inappropriateness Toward Female Employees

Actor Ashton Kutcher is out here moving from “Punk’d”

MELANIA TRUMP Dragged For Plagiarizing MICHELLE OBAMA’s 2008 Speech – DONALD For FREEDIE MERCURY Theme Song + A Look What Sensationalism Has Brought Us Down To

Plagiarized, stole, lifted, borrowed, took, replicated or however you

Trump and Ryan: PAUL RYAN Pressure x Dan Quayle Support: Is #TrumpsParty / DONALD TRUMP A Representative Good For Life (Or Simply Good For What I Feel About Life)?

That “other” republican (Donald Trump) hasn’t had the friendliest

FCC Makes It Possible For You To Get Cable Via Apple, GOOGLE, AMAZON & ANDROID

Nothing’s better than having options. I insist on options