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NewResidual Republican STACEY DASH Ditched By FOX

NewDONALD’s IN-NOT-Guaration: A Comprehensive List of Inauguration Dropouts + DL HUGHLEY Slams STEVE HARVEY & TRUMP While ZOE SALDANA Claims Trump Is Being Bullied

New“Helter Skelter” (Charles Manson) Temporarily Released From Prison

NewJanuary Gossip Files

NewAfter Being Butchered Online, LENA DUNHAM Apologizes For Saying She Wishes She Would Have Had An Abortion + Why She Said It


New{Podcast} Fame, Social Media, Success and How to Determine How To Ration Out Your Work, Your Worth & Your Time

New{Podcast} Negating “Negativity” and Where Most People Are Wrong About Where It Stops

NewHow Trumps’ International Business Dealings Should Have Been Raked Through The Coals and Met At The Door

New{Podcast} Why A Certain Kind Of Necessary Balance Is Needed In Order To Know What You Feel Is Really, Real

NewMinnesota Woman Sues 17 Year-Old Child, The County & State Agencies For Providing Transgender Reassignment Services + KONNI BURTON’s Texas Bill: Should School Admin Be Required To ‘Out’ Students?

NewIs Voting America’s Political Prom and Publicity Stunt for a Mere Consensus Check-In? Meet 1 Man From The Electoral College

New5 Reasons (And Ways) To Look At The Trump Presidency As A Positive (For Some) Or Light At The End of The Tunnel (For Others) But Either Way–Make A Special Kind Of Peace With It

New#ImWithHair-Out Of It: FBI Director JAMES COMEY’s Clinton Email Combthrough Meets End–Again DONALD TRUMP On His Best Pre-Election (Twitter) Behavior

NewWho’s That Thinking ‘Nasty’ Thoughts? Pop & Politics and How TRUMP The Pussy Grabber Had To Back That Thang Up After Calling HILLARY ‘Nasty’

NewI Scream, You Scream, For Ice Cream: BEN & JERRY’s Publicly Stands In Solidarity With Black Lives Mattering

New…So Had I Pulled Out My Phone To Call For “Help,” Like ALFRED OLANGO, Myself Or My Son Would Have Been Killed

NewSeptember Gossip Files

NewFormer Republican President George H.W Bush Throws His Support Behind Hillary Clinton: Democratic Prospective President

NewFourth Grade Atlanta Teacher Deemed Too Hot for School: Is She? ( Or Are We Too Hooked On Internet Physical ‘Trend’ To See A Human Being Simply Being?)

NewWhat Even The Lesser Money’d Woman Can Learn From AMBER HEARD On How To Handle Herself After The “Love” Is Gone When He (And The World) Reduces You To Nothing But A Gold Digging Slut

NewThou Shalt Not Bear False Witness: Did MOSES-Haired U.S. Olympic Swimmer RYAN LOCHTE Fabricate His Own Rio Robbery?

NewMurfreesboro, Tennesse CHEDDARS Server SNAPCHATS Disdain For Having “A Table Full of N|%%ers” & Gets Fired -At What Point Should Your Employer Have Anything To Do With Your Social Media Shenanigans?

NewThe Reckoning of RODHAM: HILLARY CLINTON Dealt In – Former First Lady Makes History As First Woman U.S Presidential Nominee + Did JOYCE BEATTY Troll Melania’s Dress + How JOE BIDEN is The Real “Law & Order Candidate” (Currently)

NewDue To “Purge” Laws, Many OHIO VOTERS May Be Not Able To Vote – Here’ s Why (And How You Can Work Around That)

NewMELANIA TRUMP Dragged For Plagiarizing MICHELLE OBAMA’s 2008 Speech – DONALD For FREEDIE MERCURY Theme Song + A Look What Sensationalism Has Brought Us Down To

NewDepreciation In Advance: SHONDA RHIMES Disses Petition To Remove JESSE WILLIAMS From GREY’S ANATOMY + Why This Petition Was An Oxymoron

NewResponding To JESSE WILLIAMS’ BET AWARDS Speech Makes 2nd Time JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE Got Dragged + Know Exactly What The Culture Demands (If It’s Going To Be Appropriated)

NewWhat Makes BIG BOI Wrong + Right About His Insulting Meme About FLORIDA EVANS x Women Of Today

NewWas CHRIS BROWN Wrong Or Right To Be Upset About The Way His Daughter Was Dressed Online?

NewTrump and Ryan: PAUL RYAN Pressure x Dan Quayle Support: Is #TrumpsParty / DONALD TRUMP A Representative Good For Life (Or Simply Good For What I Feel About Life)?

NewHusband and Father of 4, Rapper SNOOP Says He’s Leaving No Will + Marriage x Relationship And When (Before) Death We SHOULD Part

NewWALMART Wacko: Woman Berates Man In Front Of His Child For Spending Food Stamps + Are You A Food Stamp Hater – Berater? Come Get Your Read

NewPRINCE Awake A Straight 154 Hours Before He Died? When Talent Vs. Fame Become Detriment or Demise: Shyness, Superstardom, PRINCE & What Everybody Needs To Know About Artists

NewLIL’ KIM Is Finally “Kimmy” Reveals New Face + Why Her Drastic Changes Are Our Fault Too

NewTexas Teacher Caught Wailing Upside “Idiot A$$” Boy’s Head + School Gun Violence-Schmum Violence – Are Abusive Teachers & School Authorities Flying Under The Radar?

NewHB 1523: Mississippi Now Lawfully Allowed To Deny Any Service To The ‘Adulterers’ ‘Fornicators’ LGBT etc. – Why The Government Should Allocate Funds To Migrate Americans In Support of This In Or Out Of The State

NewThelma and Louise’s SUSAN SARANDON Not Gon’ Ride Or Die For HILLARY CLINTON (Chooses DONALD TRUMP Instead) + How Rational Thinking Goes Out The Window When A Person Simply Just Doesn’t Like ‘YOU’

New#WednesdayWisdom Just Why BEYONCE Gets The Sensually Salacious Pass AMBER ROSE & KIM KARDASHIAN Never Will

NewLong Story About How Apple’s Simple, Big Win Against The Government May Now Be Our Big, Rotten Loss

NewKnife Found On OJ Simpson’s Demolished Property Turns Up?

New#WhichHillary ? The ‘2016’ Vs. The ’96 Hillary Clinton (Per Her Explanation For Her Choice of Words): “We Have To Bring Them To Heel”

NewAPPLE Ordered By The Department of Justice To Comply By February 26 To Let Government Into FAROOK’s iPhone What All This Has To Do With YOU…

NewPolice Secretly Getting Into #Formation By Not Providing Security For BEYONCE’s Upcoming Tour

NewIn Kentucky ‘Pink Slips’ May Soon Be Required For VIAGRA Prescriptions Before Men Can So Easily Slip Into The Pink+ Why Women Lawmakers Need To Take This More Seriously If They TRULY Want It To Be Made A Law

NewBlack Anti-#BlackLivesMatter Activist + Mayor GIULIANI Calls BEYONCE’s #Formation Police Car Shoot Disrespectful – Does A Mere Video Shoot Compare To Actual ShootINGS?

NewAMAZON To Open In New York…City – Might This Bring Physical Bookstores Home? + What 10 Years & “Success” Have in Common?

NewHmm For The We Can’t: BEYONCE Under Fire For Misappropriating Culture in HYMN FOR THE WEEKEND – Is Skimming Cross Culture Appropriate Or No?

NewGenetic Modification (GM) Is Here: Are You Ready To Take Control Of How You Want Your Child To Look? Would You?

New“Megyn Moderation”: How MEGYN KELLY, Short-Tressed And Ready, Trumps TRUMP By Default

NewJaden Smith’s Fashion Forward Vogue Korea Spread

NewPLANNED PARENTHOOD ‘Posers’ Behind Uncover Sting Indicted By Grand Jury

NewSTACEY DASH Feels Boycotting Black History Month and BET Is As Necessary As Boycotting the OSCARS

New“Aunt Viv” JANET HUBERT Considers JADA PINKETT SMITH’s Boycott ‘Karma’ For WILL SMITH Reads JADA Riot Act + (Update: Jada & Will Speak)


NewJADA PINKETT SMITH Excuses CHRIS ROCK’s Pre planned Penciling In As OSCAR’s Host (Implores All Other People of Color To Quit “Begging For Acknowledgement”)

New1.5 Billion Powerball Money Moment: What Life Looks Like When You Walk Up To Pick Your Numbers + Did You Know They Began Interviewing Before Claiming Their Money?

New#OscarsSoWhite: JADA PINKETT SMITH Proposes Question If People Of Color Should Participate Altogether

New$88M Powerball Winner MARIE HOLMES Summoned To Court For Threatening/Harassing After Girl Exposes Her Online + Why People Do Things Like Such To People Like Such

NewIf You Won That $900 Million Dollar Lottery Tonight, With Whom (and How) Would You Know To Share Your Joy?

NewExactly Why We’re In Stitches About DOLCE & GABANA’s Hijab Collection & JADEN SMITH Adorned in LOUIS VUITTON’s Womens Wear

NewAtchoo! “Affluenza” Teen & Mom Caught Cold In New Mexico+ How Recidivism Works When The Law Fails

NewShould Men Getting VIAGRA Be Just As Hard As Women Getting Abortions? South Carolina DEMOCRATIC REP MIA MCLEOD Thinks So

NewHow The Daniel Holtzclaw Verdict Challenged Our Typical Views on Race, Social Class, Morals and Ethics In Courts of Law

NewSensationalism and STACEY DASH: Why She Needs To Have Several Seats

NewSNOOP & PATTI LABELLE Extend Thanksgiving To Those Beyond Their Own Families

NewSocial Media Educating Men and The Masses On The Politics of Pu$$y: From PMS Packages, Period Sex, Baking Bread from Vaginal Yeast, Abortions and Granny Panties

NewTigerblooded CHARLIE SHEEN To Announce On TODAY SHOW He’s HIV POSITIVE (And Undetectable) + Is Being Undetectable Even Possible?

New“Branding,” The ‘OPRAH AFFECT,’ The Change In Times & TIME MAGAZINE: Why (And Since When) Has Such A Prestigious Publication Cared About An “AMBER ROSE”

NewCape-ing Up for the KARDASHIAN’s: In Response To REBEL WILSON’s Disdain, What They ‘Do’ Is “Hard Work” She Claims – “Hard Work?” or “Hard Play?”

New3 Reasons Why Prince Is a Welcome (and much needed) Attraction on Instagram & Why We Should Kneel

NewGLORY JOHNSON Gives Birth 15 Weeks Early

NewRUSHCARD Freeze: 3 Steps To Get Your Money & Life Back Today

NewHow THE COSBY SHOW Was “Shattered” Long Before An EBONY MAG Cover Did It

NewDespite Her ‘Ghetto’ Hairstyles (and ‘Ghetto’ Name) ‘RAVEN SYMONE’ Won’t Hire YOU With a ‘Ghetto’ Name + Don’t We All Have An Instant Perception Of ‘Person’ By Their Name?

NewWill AMBER ROSE’s “Slut Walk” Make Head Way For A Woman To Comfortably Co-Exist Wearing Her ‘Slut’ On Her Sleeve?

NewClean Shaven, Free of Himself, and Out of His Own Way, TOM HANKS’ Son CHET HANKS Is Back With A New Leash on Life

NewJAY Z Celebrates TIDAL Having Gone Platinum with ‘TIDAL X 10/20’ Brooklyn Concert+ Why TIDAL Is Still ‘Successful’ & In The Running During Rough The Terrain

NewGeorge Zimmerman Retweets Pic of His Handiwork on Killing Trayvon Martin Dead + Ways and Why He’ll Never Reveal The Private Hell He’s Suffering & Why You Should Leave Him The Hell Alone

NewLENA DUNHAM’s Social Media Diss & How #BlackGirlMagic Cast A Spell on EMMY Night + Are We Fake and Fear When Sh/t Gets Real?

NewHave You Assessed and Made Sense of Social Media Enough To Be Ready To Handle Facebook’s ‘DISLIKE’ Button?

NewMATT DAMON Delegating Self as the Authority on ‘Diversity’ in Film Gets Him Dragged On Social Media + Let’s Break #Damonsplaining Down To A Conscience

NewSkeptical Runner Up SUZETTE CHARLES Doubts Sincerity and Necessity of Miss America Pageant’s Apology to VANESSA WILLIAMS a Whole 32 Years Later

NewPageant CEO WILLIAM HASKELL Surrenders Crown and Glory + Extends Respect and Apology Due Former Miss America VANESSA WILLIAMS Who Returns As Judge

NewVANESSA WILLIAMS 32 Years Later: A Scandal Come Full Circle – Once Judged Now She’ll Be The Judge

NewInspired By a Popular Reality Show: An Upcoming Blog Regarding Men and “Bisexuality” – What You Need To Know About OSF and Its Writer Before We Drop The Blog/Excerpt

NewDAMON WAYANS’ Insensitive Comments Regarding COSBY Accusers Being “Unrapeable”-Do We All Share Some Blame In Our Perceptions & Thoughts On Rape (And This Case)?

NewGETTING TO THE BOTTOM OF IT ALL: An Open Letter To ELISABETH HASSELBECK (And #BlackTwitter) Regarding “BlackLivesMatter” — Let’s Uncover What a ‘Revolution’ Is vs. A “Hate Group”

NewSERENA Speaks: In One Well-Said Paragraph Tennis Champ Answers Talks About The Whispers, Disses & Disparage Between She And Her Counterparts


New‘Twitter Activist’ SHAUN KING Outed As Being Caucasion Despite Applying For OPRAH’s MOREHOUSE COLLEGE Minority Scholarship

NewDEE BARNES Speaks: Finally Muscles Up Courage to Go See (and Review) STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON + Talks Being Blacklisted, What’s She’s Been Doing & Planning Going Forward

NewBuzzing: OPRAH WINFREY Returning to Daytime Talk Television – Did You Think She Really Ever ‘Owned’ OWN? Let’s Weigh In

NewFree Limited Time #FridayRead

NewWhen Taking One For The Team Backfires: How KELLY OSBOURNE Is Guilty of Making A Racist STEREOTYPE But Not OF Being RACIST Regarding Her Comment “If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilets, Donald Trump?”

New(Podcast: Women) Periods| Breastfeeding | Masturbation | Fat & Bare Photo Shoots – The Fine Line Between Creating Awareness & Attention – Are We Keeping It Too Real?

NewPRINCE Removes Music From SPOTIFY In Early July – Released New Song Today (On SPOTIFY) + Did JAY Z Throw In Towel On TIDAL? Weigh In: Brand v. Niche & What Went Wrong & Why TIDAL Couldn’t Compete

New35 BILL COSBY Accusers Cover NEW YORK MAGAZINE – Dope Missed Opportunity: Why They Should Have Stood On The Steps Of The COSBY SHOW Brownstone

New#SayHerName No. Really: Say Her Name – Why I’m Writing A #TheSandraBlandLaw© Be Passed & Why It’s Very Necessary + ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW NOW & LATER ABOUT HOW NOT TO BE REMOVED FROM POINT A (Pullover) TO POINT B (Beat and/or Booked)

NewWWE Champ HULK HOGAN Fired For Secretly Recorded Racist Rant + ARE YOU RACIST? Exactly What Is “Racism” And Why Most Non-Black People ARE Racist

NewBefore KATY PERRY Could Call TAYLOR SWIFT To The Carpet, She Thinks Herself Through & Rolls It Out For NICKI MINAJ: Apologizes About Last Night

NewEnemy of the State…..Of Affairs: Cheating Site ASHLEY MADISON Hacked – 37 Million Profiles Up for Public View + How You Can Protect Your Privacy

NewShould We Beg His Pardon? The NEW YORK TIMES Spill Full Deposition Deets on COSBY: The Eerie Reasons BILL COSBY Doesn’t See Rape or Wrong in Anything He Did

NewThe GOP Rip Into DONALD TRUMPs Wig For Referring to Sen. JOHN MCCAIN As a “Dummy” Who’s No War ‘Hero’ Because He Got Captured

NewPresident OBAMA Urged To Revoke BILL COSBY’s ‘Metal of Freedom’ – How (Given His Recent Troubles) Keeping It Is Really a Reminder of Just How Free BILL COSBY Is Not

New“Denise’s” Husband “Norman” (JOSEPH C. PHILLIPS) Bumps into ‘An Old Friend’ Who Confessed COSBY Violated Her, Too – The $64,000 Question: Who?

NewBILL COSBYs 78th Birthday Today Is Probably Most Happiest Because Wife Camille Still Standing By Him: Says She Knew Of His “Philandering” & Sex Was Consensual, Not Rape – Let’s Talk About Why She May Feel This Way

NewSame-Sex Marriage May Be Legal, But See What Getting Turned Away at the Clerk’s Office Looks (and Feels) Like

NewVarious Muslim Groups Raise $56,173 In 8 Days (Thus) For 8 Burned “Black Churches” Proving Solidarity Afterall Cross-Religion, Regardless

NewWoman Suing Rapper 2CHAINZ For Backstage Video-Says Ruined Her Life| The Secret World of Groupies: Let’s Uncover…

NewLessons On Truly Listening to People: How THE VIEWS’ RAVEN SYMONE & WHOOPI GOLDBERG’s Views on BILL COSBY Are Lessons in Principalities And Why You Should Steer Clear of People Like Them

NewSex, Drugs and Huxtable: 2005 Deposition Shows BILL COSBY Admitted Administering Quaalude Rape Drug – Is The Joke On His Supporters Now?

New8 Black Church Fires in Past 9 Days: As Per ‘Investigations’ – Are Officials In Denial These Are Hate Crimes and Acts of Terrorism? You Be The Judge

NewAn OPEN LETTER TO GERALDO RIVERA: Come To Terms With Your Own Reverse Racism in the Form Of Projecting It Onto Hip Hop! Once Again GERALDO Blames Hip Hop (And This Time: KENDRICK LAMARs BET 2015 Performance) On Being A Problem – But See How One New Jersey Teacher Saw KENDRICK and Hip Hop As A Solution

NewMy Country Tis of Thee Sweet Land of LibertIES Of Thee ALL Sing: MARRIAGE EQUALITY Ruled Legal America-Wide Today

NewEstate of BOBBI KRISTINA Requests Jury Trial in 8pp Docs (Inside) + See Gossip Posts Far Back As 2012 Revealing Domestic Abuse Predicting KRISSY’s Tragedy

NewEast Room Gone Left: How Quickly You Can Villiainize Someone When You Were In The Wrong – President BARACK OBAMA Heckled At LGBT Event Then Accused Of Apathy

NewBrokering Deals: MARTHA STEWART Sells Her Brand, TAYLOR SWIFT (With the Help of Got Her Way With APPLE, VH1s LHHATL’s MIMI FAUST Comes Clean About The Sex Tape Being Negotiated & Staged-Not Stolen

NewLessons In Earning Your Keep: How TAYLOR SWIFT Is Taking A Bite Out + Going Toe-To-Tie With Music Giant APPLE / iTunes

NewWhat ‘Selma’ Director AVA DUVERNAY, Carolina State Rep BAKARI SELLERS & Carolina Panthers Owner JERRY RICHARDSON Did On Different Scales That Added Up To Something Big for the Carolina Shooting Victims

NewHow Old Is Too Old To Be Divorcing So Late? — BEN AFFLECK & JENNIFER GARNER Rumored Secretly Separated, CHARLIZE THERON Breaks Up With SEAN PENN Less Than A Month After Doting Over Him In An Interview, SOLE & GINUWINE’s Divorce Details Revealed

New{Cheaters Roundup} RHOAs CYNTHIA BAIlEY Responds to PETER’s Indiscretions, PISTONs’ BRANDON JENNINGS’ Wanderlust: Puts APB Out On BRIA MURPHY Amid Girlfriend TAE HECKARD’s Pregnancy, FUTURE “Cheating” Post-CIARA Already -WHAT’S A GIRL TO DO? (I’ll Tell You) ….

NewCharleston, South Carolina – Man Walks Into Baltimore Church Kills 3 Males, 6 Females During Bible Study Wednesday Night

NewThe NAACP Main Chapter + Spokane Chapter President RACHEL DOLEZAL Give Statements As She Steps Down In Lieu Of Falsely Portraying Race QUESTION: Are We ‘Rachel’ Too?

NewPeace and Broken Pieces: GLORY JOHNSON Finally Speaks, MICHAEL SAM Ups & Leave New Team For Personal Peace, RACHEL DOLEZAL Scheduled to Speak Tomorrow-Now Canceled

NewWhite Woman Living Life As A Black Woman – RACHEL DOLEZAL -Speaks Out About Being Outted

NewAn Imitation of Life: How White Woman RACHEL DOLEZAL Lived + Lived a Lie As A Black Woman Successfully………Successfully

NewMILEY CYRUS Poses Stink in the Pink For PAPER Mag, KELLY ROWLAND Does a Hairsplitting Photo Shoot, KHLOE KARDASHIAN Battles Haters Re: Surgery-Did She, Or Didn’t She? Tap in, Let’s Weigh In:

NewPolice Officer Eric Casebolt Resigns In Lieu of McKinney Pool Video Gone Viral – Teen Victim Speaks Out

New{Video} BRITTNEY GRINER Finally Speaks: “Prior To Us Getting Married, I Knew I Didn’t Want To”

NewOverzealous Cop Put On Leave For Crashing Pool Party + Using Excessive Force on Teens

NewLove & Basketball: Does WNBA Players Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson Give “Love” a Bad Name in the LGBT Community?

NewWhen “Fixing” Goes Flat: IYANLA’s “Fix My Life” Guest MAIA CAMPBELL Relapsed & Caught With Her Slip Hanging–Again Does Iyanla Owe It To Her To Help Her?

NewWhat’s Good For CAITLYN Is Good For CHET: TOM HANKS’ Aspiring Rapper Son Having Racial Identity Issues – Defends His Use of the ‘N’ Word , Is He Right?

NewInside Actual Footage of BRUCE JENNER’s VANITY FAIR Photo Shoot As ‘Caitlyn’: “This shoot was about my life and who I am as a person. It’s not about the fanfare”

NewWhat Can We Learn From NICKI MINAJ’s Interview w/COSMOPOLITAN?

NewIs 57 Year-Old Politician JIM MORRISSEY’s Relationship With 19 Year-Old Woman Any DIfferent Than Men ‘Choosing’ For Purpose or Pleasure (Where Socially Accepted)?

NewTeach Me How To Duggar: HERE COMES HONEY BOO-BOO’S Mama June Threatens TLC With Lawsuit For Accepting Child Molester Josh Duggar But Canceling Her Show After Being Seen With Her Child Molester Ex

NewA Lesson About Principles: DAMON DASH Weighs In On JAY Z’s Anti Apple, Spotify, You Tube Freestyle Rap At His ‘B-Side’ Concert

NewThe Pursuit of Reflection: KIM KARDASHIAN Reveals She Pursued KANYE WEST – Should YOU Pursue a Man?

NewRIHANNA Releases Official “Secret Garden IV” DIOR Campaign + Has New Single — Why Singles Don’t Thrive Online Past a Social Media Trending Topic & What Could Be Done About It?

NewBILL COSBY Speaks – But Is He Saying What The People Want, Or Care To Hear?

NewLUDACRIS’ Baby’s Mother TAMIKA FULLER Pens a 2nd Open Letter: “Why Bother?” I Asked Myself – Then Answered

NewBOBBY BROWNs Statement No Figure of Speech: BOBBI KRISTINA Awakens From Coma!

NewGIULIANA RANCIC Post Oscar Fashion Police and Comment Says “I Refuse To Be Broken, I Have Too Many Beautiful Things In My Life”

NewJONI MITCHELL Never Died: The 60s Singer “Awake And in Good Spirits” After Being Rushed to the Hospital Just Yesterday

NewAint This Peculiar: Is PHARRELL Also About to be Sued For ‘Happy’ (as Lifted from MARVIN GAYE’s ‘Aint That Peculiar’)?

NewNo “Blurred Lines” : PHARRELL & ROBIN THICKE’s Got To Give It Up to MARVIN GAYES Family – Something to the Tune of 7.3 Million Dollars

NewBOBBI KRISTINA’s Birthday Today NICK GORDON Grieves- Still Wants In: Why He Should

New“The Michaelangelo Of Butt Injections” PADGE-VICTORIA WINDSLOW Trial Underway: AMBER ROSE Called, NICKI MINAJ Name Dropped & “VH1 Clients” Mentioned

NewE! News’ GIULIANA RANCIC Under Fire For Comments Made About ZENDAYA COLEMAN’s Hair While On The OSCARS Red Carpet

NewFlaws and All: HALLE BERRY Talks Pressures of Plastic Surgerty + Unretouched Photos of CINDY CRAWFORD & BEYONCE Leaked + Closeups: JLO, MILEY, PHARRELL, RITA ORA, RIHANNA, KIM KARDASHIAN, KATY, LADY, ARIANA & More

NewGERALDO RIVERA “Hip-Hop Has Done More Damage to Black and Brown People Than Racism in the Last 10 Years.”

NewAbout Last Night: The Curious Case of EDDIE MURPHY and SNL40


NewPetty Cash: SAM SMITH Ordered To Pay TOM PETTY A Percentage of All Royalties From Hit Song “Stay With Me”

NewWILLOW SMITH Breaks The Internet with Breast-Baring Blouse

NewJADEN SMITH Gets “Passionate” Do You Agree With His Take On Education?

NewREGINA KING Attends ELLE’s Women in TV Celebration Hints MALCOLM JAMAL WARNER Dumped Her on Valentines Day- Was That Cowardly Or Manly?

NewOWN Documentary “Light Girls” Starring CHANTE MOORE, ESSENCE ATKINS, RAVEN-SYMONE & More Reveal Their Side of Colorism – Is The Bigger Issue More Gender & Social Now In 2015 Than We Are Paying Attention To?

NewADRIEN BRONER Apologizes to ROC NATION’s JAY Z + Rapper FABOLOUS: No Apologies

NewBILL COSBY Made Light Of His Rape Allegations in Front of a Crowd of 2600 + Video of Protesters v. Supporters Fighting

NewPHYLICIA RASHAD Interviews with World New Tonight’s LINSEY DAVIS To Correct How She Was Misquoted “Forget These Women”

New{The Year of the Dunn} JOURDAN DUNN Stuns On February 2015 Cover of VOGUE U.K. (As “First Black Model in 12 Years)” What’s Up With That?

New“Attorney CLAIRE HUXTABLE” Speaks: BILL COSBY’s TV Wife Phylicia Rashad Finally Speaks Regarding the Allegations Against Bill

New#UnapologeticBitch with a #RebelHeart: MADONNA Wraps MARTIN LUTHER KING & NELSON MANDELA – Has She Gone Too Far?

NewWhat I Have To Say About Supermodel BEVERLY JOHNSON, BILL COSBY & The Countless Women He Raped That Who Raked Him

NewPoet and Writer NIKKI GIOVANNI Reads BILL COSBY At the 2007 Miami Book Fair

NewJANICE DICKINSON Shakes it Like a Polaroid Picture: Provides Pictures of BILL COSBY The Night He Date-Raped Her

NewBILL’s Binders Full of Women: What 15th Victim JANICE DICKINSON’s Stepping Forward Does for the Victims (And To Cosby)

NewEasy Like Sunday Morning: Amid Rape Allegations, This Morning, BILL COSBY Kindly Drops Letter From His Attorney

New{Changing the Game} Can’t Get No More Free Randy: Are BEYONCE & BRUNO MARS To Blame For The NFL Wanting SUPER BOWL HALF TIME Performers Pay To Play?

NewNICKI MINAJ: The Backlashing of the Big Barebottom Barbie

NewThe Irony of the Ghost of MARVIN GAYE Over ROBIN THICKE’S Blurred Lines of Love & Life

NewThe Story Behind JADA PINKETT-SMITH’s CNN Documentary On The Secret Life of Being “About That Life”

NewLessons of the Grind: What AZEALIA BANKS’ Grind Afforded Her With FORBES (and Beyond)…

NewPARIS HILTON: What We Can Learn From Her & Why I Respect Her Effing Grind

NewMINAJ’s New Movement: How NICKI MINAJ’s New Look, New Premise & Sound Opens the Gate & the Game For All Rap Dames

NewRICK ROSS Kicking A$$ & Taking Names: Life Imitating Art, Vice Versa…or Vice or Virtue?

NewMADONNA’s Mojito Mayhem: Pixel-Mobbed Over Photo of Her 13-Year Old Son Clutching Booze Bottle

NewR. KELLY: 12.10.13 – The Return of the R-ruh. Panties: Black.

NewOMAROSA to BETHENNY: “You Get To Walk Around and Be Mediocre and You Still Get Rewarded With Things”

NewKIM KARDASHIAN: I Put My Guns Downs on Her And Why You Should Too.

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