{Buzz} Is BEYONCE Next Up to Bat in the Big SONY Leak of Hacked Emails? -Rumor Has It: YES. Early Apology Given Already




download_sony…And so here it was I totally ignored that whack story about the Sony leaks and hacks because a big part of me felt it had much-a-do about promoting that that movie “The Interview.”

Pardon my skepticism, but we are living in a time right now where the level of desperation and 15 minutes of fame, attention, and publicity is a leveled playing field from the rooters to the tooters—so, I’m an equal opportunist skep. That’s just how it is with me across the board.

BUT…as it turns out…with this new news…I could be wrong (about this Sony hacking leak).

angelina jolie _sony exec death stareWith ‘The Interview” having come and went, new information is still making its way out of this major hacking scandal where *say this Scandal fast* ::::in case you don’t know anything about it-it was a situation where some emails were leaked about execs and other Sony staff saying unkind things about certain celebs whose faces they smile in and do business with every day—you know, the same things that go on yours and my life-well that happened at Sony).

This time however, the rhyme aint done.

If I had a metaphor, it’d go something like that childhood jumprope song we all sang:

images (18)

“I can’t see.

I can’t see.

If I knock you down

Don’t you blame it on me.”


Welp. This is what the source said:


Lynton called a number of department heads within Sony, including Marty and [Sony Music CEO] Doug Morris to give a blanket apology in advance for whatever else comes out


Additionally, they said:


Sony Music execs are now really stressed their stuff is going to get leaked, including, information on salaries and artists’ recording contracts. There’s definitely nervous energy


pwc-sonyYou see, in this hacking scandal, private details including within artists contracts e.g., performance riders and such stand the chance of being leaked to the public.

Although a lot of times, celebrities may tell their fans and the public certain things they require while on the road, over the years, people close to celebs’ camps have leaked some not-so-public information about celebrity riders, too.

According the sounds of things, if contract information is leaked, that could be bad for a celebrity in that, if (from the outside looking in at their ‘glitter’ life may seem one way whereas, if their actual contract is leaked, it could be a wholeeeeeeeeee new ballgame-the public could find out things that may not be a good look for that celeb.

And with regard to celebrity riders, whereas its ‘cute’ to leak that certain celebs require bags of Reeses Pieces and bubble gum in their riders…there are some celeb who require certain things on their riders they do NOT want the public and their fans to know about, too.

So, who’s on this list possibly next up to bat?

Well artists signed to Sony labels include David Bowie, Meghan Trainor, Barbara Streisand and …………………….BEYONCE y’all. andre running gathering crowd lol

*theme music plays*baby beyonce