BRITTNEY GRINER’s Shot Blocked: Request To Get Marriage To GLORY JOHNSON Annulled Denied And Too- Made Legally Liable To Co Parent JOHNSON’s Unborn Twins

Well if I had to give you a visual, it’d look som’n like’kiss:



…as, Brittney Griner’s filing to get her marriage to Glory Johnson annulled finally made it to the judge’s desk and reportedly, an air-o-zone-a Arizona judge has blocked and denied it.

Brittney-Griner Glory Johnson

This also means that regardless of Brittney’s proof and publicly declaring that beyond a reasonable doubt; Glory Johnson was found to be unfaithful and emotionally and physically involved with a some other (male) body, the fact of this matter now is (as per this judge); Brittney not only is still legally married to Glory, but too-is made legally responsible to co-parent the Tulsa Shock player’s unborn twins (whether she wants to or not).


Regarding the judges ruling, victorious Glory, stated