BRITNEY SPEARS Sprains Ankle On Stage During Vegas Show

Britney Spears sprains her ankle during her show two nights ago-in Vegas (where she performs her residency-nightly).

While performing her hit: You Drive Me Crazy (around the 1: 47 mark of the video), you can see where the singer’s shoe heel gave way, and down…she went:


Sure, we’ll be adding this to our faux pas file and other celeb slips, falls, and blunders.

Hey, things happen. She’s a trooper (and lived and stood up to collect that check at the end of the night). That’s all that matters, right? : )


Britney Spears tweet ankle



Hun. Brit’s had a time in Vegas: She’s lost hair on stage and been dissed from the floor by a fan. She and this ankle will overcome-I assure you!