BRANDY Readies ‘Roxie’ in Broadway’s CHICAGO April 28- June 21

As Brandy prepares for her new CD since the last release of her 2012 album TwoEleven,

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R&B music’s Vocal Bible: Brandy is preparing for her Broadway run of the Tony Award-winning musical Chicago-starring as “Roxie Hart.”


The singer is slated to play the lead role in the New York production of the Broadway comedy-musical from April 28 through June 21 at the Ambassador Theatre.


Ticket information can be found here


In case you want to know why Brandy’s dubbed “the vocal bible” it’s because her vocal range is a vocal coaching class itself: worthy to be studied—and mastered (if you can).

Check out Jennifer Hudson.

Some of the best of the best has even tried-@4everBrandy’s range and riffs that will forever be tried and tested:


Brandy has had a long-standing career in the business since childhood and was celebrated for her century milestone as a successful singing sensation, actor—and now (since this celebratory reel): Broadway actress.

Check it out:

Yeah. Yeah.

You know how it goes. Want to know my faves by Brandy? You’ll Just have to grab these two CDs and listen to them in their entirety:


But if you want to know what gets repeat continuous play in my ride and is known to play over and over for days, here goes. I’m obsessed with this song:



If you’re a reader of my work then you know two things about my writing style: that for often times, my character’s names are a description that made them most memorable.

And too, my books already come with their own soundtrack. If it fits (while I ebb and flow), I interject songs/song titles that go with the story line.

Brandy got an honorable mention for another one of my favorites “Almost Doesn’t Count” (pp. 383) of one of my books and too, she’s mentioned in the book (on pages 136 and 306). Believe it or not-it wasn’t planned, it just “happened” because it……….just……….. happened ya know? And so it was written [in].


Brandy’s a:

  • singing star
  • movie star
  • tv star
  • Broadway star
  • …and a star in my book, literally 🙂