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For the blogging wanna-be, novice, seasoned bloggers, blog readers and dig-site owners alike, our brand headquarters website (OSFMag.com) posts invaluable, rawest truths about what you need to know about the back end of blogging and moreover that: WEBSITE OWNERSHIP. As well, posts are there about the business of blogging and the well-kept secrets behind the business of social media vs. the Internet (as it pertains to blogging and owning a website of any kind).

OSFMag.com was setup as a source site separate from our blog sites: ToriSpilling.com, OtherSideoftheFame.com and SelfieStyleStories.com.

The blog posts at OSFMag.com were set up to not only get you familiar with the stable that houses the horsepower of ToriSpilling.com, OtherSideoftheFame.com and SelfieStyleStories.com, but to let you in on the thinking, best practices and processes behind how OSFMag strategizes, shot to the top over the social slush pile in less than a year, and does what it does.

Up to and including the social media sites you utilize, this reveal and information should put the the novice (and seasoned) blogger at ease. 

It will help the domain holder understand that the understanding of the working behind his domain ONLINE is equivalent to the care of his home (with a mortgage) OFFLINE.

Tips, secrets and tools at OSFMag.com are guaranteed to help you know what’s necessary and what’s not. What’s actually a waste of your brand or businesses time – versus what is worth the time.

To rise from the social and sites slush pile, you HAVE to know how the Internet controls your site in the same way (many) feel social media controls your destiny. You have to know which social media sites have the power to catapult your online business (via their power functions on the Internet/and Google) versus which ones are a COMPLETE waste of time for you and your online site, blog or business

Still growing, OtherSideoftheFame started in February 2014 and is a ‘top performing site’ in 3 years time. ToriSpilling started in January 2016 and is a ‘top performing site’ in 1 years time. Both sites have a low percentage of link posts onto social media. Neither have any particular social media marketing processes. It’s not that either site walks on water but early into the game, the proper research and resources were sought and found. I simply did not want to be another blogger with a blog site writing about the same stories warmed over that leveled my blog site’s significance to the rest. Indeed, I started off clueless about what to blog and (just like everyone else who starts a blog) warming the same stories over. That got boring to me-fast. The only thing that separated me was my delivery’s slant. Although that was attractive and magnetic for the blog, I still needed to know that there was more out there than the same stories being circulated and warming over.

To keep me inspired and motivated to keep going; I researched and found that knowing and having my hands on what’s trending and relevant was key. It kept me out of jaws of the contingent, temperamental and not so consistent tender mercies out there – subtracting away from things I do that serves and satisfies my site visitors, and readers. I learned specifically what was trending and relevant being a benefit (and worth) blogging about x the keyword connection to Internet’s (and Google)’s indexing is what gave way to all the ingredients necessary to making a blog site significant and stand out.


As a blogger, there is no processes, plan, posse or prayer circle going to get you posting until you have your hands right on what you need to post about.

As a brand, business (and blogger); there is no better way to TRULY make your site (or blog) a business than knowing what to put on your blog (that not only serves YOU and YOUR brand) but that satisfies your customers and readers–as well as the digital indexing powers that be-that ultimately lifts you from the social slush pile of “brands” and blogs.

Knowing all this is a website businesses bottom line. And you’ve gotta know it.

OSFMag.com brand headquarters will continue to share, show, tell, and (provide you with the tools) to as much as we can. 

Good luck!