BLANK STARE NEWS: Man Takes Picture of Himself Outside RIHANNA’s House, Tweets Her & Threatens To Kill Her?

So you say you want to be a famous, big star?



Welcome to that OTHER, other side of fame:



Don’t have time to scurry the net or connects to find out if this dude indeed found Rihanna’s house or no, but the weirdness in it is-at least he thinks so.

Obviously, she’s still living this morning (these tweets were sent last night)–that’s the good thing.

But outside of that, this is wayyy too much.

I swear by the fact people are doing any and everything on social media for attention-no matter the kind (“brand,” buffoonery, bored or bullsh|t)-some things are just routinely, and incessantly creepy.

Whether this be some sick joke for shock value or not, the fact is-it is sick. I am soooo up to my wits end with synthetic narcissicists, sociopaths, and other learned/new age: users, convenient, momentary “deep” thinkers and bandwagoners, and other brands of sick people like such I don’t know what to do.

It’s a multiplying pathology and contagion getting exercise and muscle everyday even more (at log on and open all night 24/7/365) in which, daily-people are making themselves sick, or having a meeting with their predisposition, finally.

At any rate.

Just to name two–in the world of celebritydrom, if you remember/know pop culture history like such; in December