BEYONCE’s Remix of 7-11 (feat. FRENCH MONTANA) Drops While Rumor Has it He Flew In + Dipped Off with AMBER ROSE for New Years


First thing first, here’s the reelist:

The remix of Beyonce’s “7-11” (feat. French Montana) is making its rounds.

As well, so is the buzz about Amber Rose and French.

Although rumors are buzzing that the two have been creeping since November [2014], sources say that a snitch from (I won’t say whose crew-Amber’s or his) gave up the Gs on this supposed New Years Eve brought in by French and Amber Rose…….(together).

According to the snitch, Muva Rose was flown in to Vegas along with her BFF Blac Chyna, who (according to the snitch)-had a gig to do there (in Vegas) the next day, so timing was perfect.

Well although French posted pics of himself rolling 7-11s,



…he also won big later that night and rolled a snake-eyes:



..dipping off with Amber, and the both left their respective entourages at the casino basically wondering where each had dipped off to.


Rumor has it that [said] homie (slash) reality star sent a car to pick up a pretty perturbed Blac Chyna along with French’s homies and they scurried along to a strip club—while MuvaRose and French (reportedly/allegedly) brought theirs in together as well…

Play with that as you wish.

It’s just buzz that’s…buzzin, is all.