beyRumors are swinging ’round that Beyonce is officially swinging on Vine.

The working girl whose currently on vacay and been making her way around the world through third world countries and yonder, has already put the account to use.

As of right now, the account currently has only 2,336 followers and a life span of four days.

Care to join her?


Swing on over, or like she sings atop the OSF big screen (around the :52 /:53 moment of the video):

“I’ll punch yo’ neck / you little sweet pig.”


UPDATE:  Did you click? Welp. Sorry #Beyhive. Either word didn’t get out quick enough to you contrary sonsers and the mounting millions didn’t follow fast enough, or Beyonce just changed her mind (and perhaps decided not to give up too much of that Beyonce mystique that she’s worked so hard at successfully garnering and protecting?).

Who knows.

Sorry #Beyhive. It was there (verified) and open and waiting for yous. No more. *Kanye shrug