BEYONCE Preparing to Let it All Hang Out in Her Next Movie Role?


For the right role, it’s Bey-ing said that Beyonce would be game to get you bodied with a quick Google search of “Beyonce nude,” from the looks of all the fine art: The people are waiting.

The Get Them Bodied singer has been on a steady climb and has never once gone on any hiatus’ or sabbaticals of any kind since even after disbanding [from the] popular girl group “Destiny’s Child.”


Although in studio currently working on new music, it’s being said Beyonce is well aware her steady up climb won’t keep defying the laws of physics: That what goes up, must come down.

Reportedly, [her] insiders say that Beyonce is willing to get yous bodied—all the way down to her birthday suit for the next “right” movie role.

Because I haven’t fully committed to concluding that our friends at Ok Mag was a smut mag or no, I will tell yous what they say has been told to them:

“Beyonce has been working her butt off and has released a record-number of material, but she feels like she’s reached the top and the only way is down.”

“So now, she doesn’t want to have all her eggs in a musical basket, and wants to focus on her acting career.”

“She really wants to find a jaw-dropping edgy role in an indie movie that will blow everyone away and she’s willing to go nude for the right part, too!”

I can kind of believe this could be true (that it was said-whether it was jokingly or seriously), because, like me, if you thought Beyonce did quite the job in the Hip Hopera Carmen Jones..



…she could very well be considered for some other acting roles.


Besides the role in “Obsessed”



…the roles she’s starred in have been pretty tamed about as much as Beyonce has maintained an almost good girl teetering bad girl image—nesting safely under an alter ego called “Sasha Fierce.”

That being so, it would be unlikely the “Beyonce” would be approached to do anything risqué (especially full frontal nudity).

So…what better way than to put it out there that you would consider, than to just: Put it out there?

Strategy people. Meticulous “product” placement. Strategy.