BERNIE SANDERS, NICKI MINAJ and TWITTER Express Outrage Over SANDRA BLAND Non-Indictment + Could Proper Procedures Have Prevented Death? Did She Kill Herself? One Theory Says Yes



If you remember, back on September 17, we blogged about possible indictments being handed down in the Sandra Bland case that, at the time, were expected to be handed down [quote] “within the next few days” [end quote]. Well “the next few days” did finally come around in the shape of ‘the next few months’—in the form of: No indictments being handed down to anyone related the case or jail by which she was held, up to an including the officer who was the catalyst to the circumstance that ultimately and as a result led to her death.

Incidentally however, that reason may be the light at the end of the dark tunnel of disappointment for the many who feel Sandra Bland was murdered. Whether or not she committed suicide, the fact of the matter is, had a routine traffic stop not escalated and been just that: routine (considering there were no drugs or other reasons to apprehend her beyond the procedures of a routine traffic stop) Sandra Bland might have gone on about her way and day on that early July day-as planned-and too, the officer that arrested and jailed her could have gone on with his. Instead, she died while in jail.

2AC4080B00000578-3171619-Booking_documents-m-69_1437625646036Although no one at Waller County Jail will not be facing any charges in any way over her death, in January, the Grand Jury is expected to reconvene to decide the fate of officer Brian Encinia who was recorded using excessive force on Bland after an exchange of words that resulted in his use of excessive force [and ultimately got her put her jail] where on paper, she documented having tried to commit suicide after suffering from depression as a result of losing a child some time ago.

“We have the right to remain silent, and as you see…everything she said and did was eventually held against her. So help her God”

873231_630x354Considering the fact that she ultimately met her demise in that jail-found hanging in her jail cell-that very loophole left it wide open for suicide to be a strong possibility. Naysayers consider countless video footage and an Internet footprint of a strong, reasonably intelligent activist who was alleged to be starting a new job in the Texas town by which she has just moved less than a week before dying there.



With an indictment being returned with no names to be made responsible for her death, that certainly sparked outrage throughout social media, celebrity and even politics as Bernie, Nicki Minaj and Twitter users expressed their concern:

“This woman did not kill herself. Smh,” express Minaj who went on to capture a screen shot of the USA Today article reporting the decision [not to indict].

This woman didn't kill herself. Smh.

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Previously Nicki Minaj, who, before the fame herself was caught in the throes of the law expressed how she too, felt a connection to Sandra Bland and the situation: “I did research on the Sandra Bland case. That’s why it hit me so hard. I remember speaking to other women at the time. This could have been me. I’m a sassy woman. I may have given a little bit of attitude to a police officer. I could have never come home.”NickiMinaj Mugshot

As well, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (who, over the past few months of political debates and after shared plight on news media world issues, has found himself in the good graces and trust of much of liberal, left wing, black American/democratic party) spoke out regarding the decision to