Before KATY PERRY Could Call TAYLOR SWIFT To The Carpet, She Thinks Herself Through & Rolls It Out For NICKI MINAJ: Apologizes About Last Night



When you have “bad blood” such that you do what you do best: write a song about it….who are you and what do you do when “bad blood” seeps into a bad night?




Katy_taylor_Nicki(*answer that  ‘Scandal-fast):

Oooh!! Oooh!! Oooh!! Oooh!!Oooh!! Oooh!! Oooh!! Oooh!!

You’re Taylor Swift and as soon as you see frenemy Katy Perry sneak two cents in regarding your social media snafu with an old chum named Nicki Minaj…you be the bigger person and apologize to that old chum and turn this near ménage et trios into a  love for deux: STAT!

Well as you may well know, the other night while Nicki Minaj was expressing herself to MTV regarding her feelings about being snubbed for this year’s VMA Video of the Year award nod, it would only seem natural that the only other girl on the list was who Nicki Minaj was killing two birds with one stone with-while getting at MTV, sneaking it in on you too. Obviously, that could force you to respond not so nicely.

If you know/read me already, then you know I think strange things happen and go bump in the night—so if I can help it, I won’t make a decision in the night time hour and rarely believe any truths are solid until the morning sun.

In my world of thinking: nothing you did or said at night is solid, real, or true unless you wake in the morning and feel that same way.

Well our girl Taylor Swift may have had a rough night the other night but she woke up to the morning sun and felt + was demonstrative in starting anew [with Minaj].



Oh how I love a great lovefest and make up sect. Be still, my heart. What a sagacious moment between two blindly optimistic Sags.

Aint life grand?




Check out their cute exchange: