Atlantic Records Offer Deal to Rapper LADY LESHURR To “Blow (NICKI MINAJ) Out the Water”

download (9)So…………………………………………

*places elbows on the table*

…the hunt has been on to take Nicki Minaj





 ..and we’ve got the G’s on this here ‘ting.

Word in the streets in-dus-try is that Atlantic Records has been trying to court a rapper out of the Birmingham UK (who is quite big + blows up the charts over there I might add) and pit her against Nicki Minaj.

All things considered, since Nicki has been on the mainstream scene since 2009 after making a strong footprint and name for herself on the underground circuit since 2007 or so. Her “packaging” (in conjunction with her rap style) has been pretty hard to compete with (I wrote a whole blog on why last year some time-check it out).

Words has it though, the UK female rap artist was offered a record deal and told upfront that the plan was to market her and put her out there such that she may be the demise of The Nicki Minaj. She reportedly turned down the record deal because she didn’t like the way it was pitched, citing: “They said, ‘Nicki Minaj is your competition and we will blow her out of the water.”

To be honest, I’ve reviewed countless female rap artists (that were good) but I have NOT come across one (veteran, current, YouTuber or up and comer) that could  take Nicki just yet-CONSIDERING (again): her entire package.lady-leshurr

I’ve seen them all: all the Nicki Minaj disses You Tube can handle, but it’s not going to take a Nicki Minaj hater or incoming self-proclaimed rap nemesis diss-rapping Nicki to knock Nicki off her square.

Whoever comes close to doing that has to have some kind of package and style but moreover-a rap style similar to Nicki’s but distinct enough to be her own (without sounding or looking like Nicki).

Trust me, I am good judge talent, and I can see where Atlantic was going with this.LL

Thus far, in over six years, if anybody could rock Nicki or at bare minimum-give her a run for her money, it’s this chick. Check her out:




It was her cover of Chris Brown and Busta Rhymes’ “Look At Me Now” that initially got her looked at. Look at it:



There’s an irony here:SONY DSC

Her style and rap style is so dope that-she doesn’t even need to be barbied and bodied up with boobs and ass to compete with Nicki Minaj.

That’s your proof right there that she’s dope enough with her rap style alone to [not even necessarily go toe-to-toe with Nicki] but to force Nicki into doing something no one has managed to do in almost seven years now: Hang in this rap game with the likes of The Nick Minaj who, (for seven years) has been her own competition because of.

There’s only problem, though.

This Lady Leshurr has a problem with pitting female rappers against one another. She expresses: “It pushes the gaps between us – girl rappers are afraid to work together because we get fixed in these imaginary competitions. The industry just doesn’t know what to do with women.”

In a series of tweets yesterday, the dope rapper expressed herself-saying that Atlantic offered her well over enough money to do this thing, but they basically wanted her to start in with a diss record.



…Whoever saw what I saw in her was right. But whoever suggested she start in with a diss record should be fired. LoL. No, seriously. Because she’s dope enough to just step on to the scene doing what she does-just how she’s doing it, and people will automatically take notice.

I do NOT give pity “passes.” And I am NOT swayed, mesmerized or blinded by popularity, camouflage, bought out Twitter follower counts, hype, and other bullsh|t.

I’m hardcore in judging talent and potential ESPECIALLY when it comes to selecting A best to THE best. And well, Lady Leshurr is worthy.