My readers are large in numbers and loyal.

And although I’ve run my program to condition my readers to read, throughout by busy I try an give life off the page want to make an effort to try harder at that.

So yes. You can pick my brain for (general) answers to questions you about anything that I brand, blog, am about and am well-versed or ‘life’d’ about–up to and including questions you may have, that I’m available to speak about stuff like:

  • love – heartbreak – bliss – sex – sexuality – intimacy
  • how to: handle your good news, bad news or ‘how to’ (otherwise)
  • singlehood- relationships
  •  friendship – acquaintanceship
  • the ‘dream’ v. friendships / the ‘dream’ v. relationships / the ‘dream’ v family
  • apprenticeship – entrepreneurship – entrepreneur v. employee
  • teen-momhood and life after
  • special needs parenthood and coping
  • spirituality
  • life – social politics
  • politics or popular culture/people in popular culture/entertainment (anything that I’ve blogged about or current events you may want to know if I have an opinion about)
  • writing
  • publishing (trade & digital)
  • blogging and/or the technicalities behind blogging (adhering to the digital powers that be)
  • astrology / personology

Nothing fancy or uniformed. Just informalities about realities.

I know we started this thing a couple of years ago here, and here-sorry they deleted the reply Hub because I hadn’t posted since, in so long :/

About that-(literally) writing back: As a writer, it’s hard not to respond (in writing) so novel-like ‘how-to’ so, I pressed paused on that route. I’d prefer to get straight to it for your pressing ‘play.’

As well (and as you may know) I run two blogs, I don’t have that kind of time on my hands to use my hands (writing back).

I’d much prefer to let it flowpost it for you here, among the other ones.


…I’ll be frank. And honest. Hopefully helpful other times and in between. My loyal readers deserve it 🙂