An Imitation of Life: How White Woman RACHEL DOLEZAL Lived + Lived a Lie As A Black Woman Successfully………Successfully


It’s like a case of one of my favorite movie classics “An Imitation of Life” (above-the OSF screen in it’s entirety): A story about a girl passing as one race as a result of living in a day and time where since her childhood, she’d been shown examples of the better “benefit” of being the race wasn’t born-at the very moment she was of age and able; took on life as a race she could pass as in order to make it in life while by end movie hand made much of anything of herself still. Having lost her mother (whom she was embarrassed of and treated badly throughout life), she came back to “life” (and her senses) when it was far too late.


I know, right? It’s like Rachel Dolezal’s NAACP resume must’ve been laced with the late R&B singer Teena Marie’s rap in Square Biz (3:48-5:21)

Baby, what’s happening? Entre vous Lady Tee |   I’ve heard a boatload of others ladies’ raps  |  But they ain’t got nothin’ on me  |   I’m less than five foot one, a hundred pounds of fun |  I like sophisticated funk  |   I live on Don Perignon, caviar, fillet mignon  |   And you can best believe that’s bunk  | Here’s what I’m talking, baby, square biz. Square biz   |    I’ve been called: Casper, Shorty, Little Bit |   And some-they call me “Vanilla Child” | But you know that don’t mean my world to me   |   ‘Cause baby, names can’t cramp my style  | I love chick chicken and buff’s collard greens  | A little hot water corn bread, I love you too cat daddy |   But don’t you let that go to your head | That’s what I’m talking, baby, square biz, square biz   |   You know I like spirituals and rock  |   Sarah Vaughn, Johann Sebastian Bach  |  Shakespeare, Maya Angelou  |   And Nikki Giovanni just to name a few | Well, I’m wild and peaceful Lady Tee | I got to keep my irons in the fire, you see  | I got the point, the scam, the low, the deal  | What you feel? Say what

…and indeed Rachel Dolezal had (like Teena Marie just sang) “the point, the scam, the low, the deal.”


All’s a-humming that a naturally dishwater blond white woman straight out of the snow-capped mountains of Northwest (Troy, Montana) set if off today when news spread that Rachel Dolezal, 2015 January-elect chapter president of Spokane Washington’s NAACP organization was