AMY WINEHOUSE Rehabbed in New Documentary Due Out in July


It was just before the blast and popularity of social media.

I’ll never forget her voice when I first heard her singing “Rehab.”

Everybody [on MySpace and the like] were talking about this girl that kinda-sorta sounded like Lauryn Hill but definitely like no one else.

By the time her video came out, despite her wild looking style, her voice’s reputation had proceeded her before anyone could crap on her-she had already forewarned us all: [my name is Amy “Winehouse” …and “they tried to make me go to rehab but I said: ‘no, no, no.’ ”



Amy Winehouse spearheaded any quips on route behind her look and style-head on, and we all loved her, still.

Unfortunately, the world didn’t get to enjoy and experience her for long enough time before she died at 27 of alcohol poisoning in July of 2011: mid-hype and success and having just won 6 Grammys in such short time in music.




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Since then, nobody [dare tried to or] came close to capturing that Amy Winehouse sound but I must say, Rihanna in her new song “Higher” left me quite impressed by comparison of something that never happened, ever [in the realm and ring of capturing the spirit and voice Amy Winehouse].

Kudos to Rihanna.



Although we’re more than sure Winehouse had a personal story that we didn’t get to see and know, director Asif Kapadia will bring us as close to it as pixely possible in a doc-adaptation produced by James Gay-Rees (of Senna, Exit Through the Gift Shop) due out in (in the U.K) July 3-simply called “Amy.”


Check out the trailer!