After Seeing STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, Just When OPRAH Gets Her Cherry Broken On Understanding of Rap–In Walks The World of Social Media: Remembering the Time….

The movie Straight Outta Compton, about the rise, disbanding (and fall) of Compton, California gangster rap group N.W.A. has finally made its way to theaters and picked up an unlikely fan along the way: Oprah.

If you remember, Oprah was doing an interview with the cast members of the movie Crash and in, sat one of the members: a rapper named Ludacris.

Although there are no traces whatsoever of The Oprah Show incident (just snippets of talk about it), what-had happened was; mid conversation (basically out of nowhere), Oprah took a dig at rap music and the misogyny of it when talking to Ludacris.


I remembered the moment so clearly: The dig came at an odd moment in the stage paneled interview because although Oprah’s gripe about rap wasn’t too far off-subject, and of course-this was her platform so she wasn’t out of pocket, the dig she took at Ludacris was way off-base in that, I remember whatever her gripe was about (rap lyrics’ misogyny), when she directed her statement at rapper Ludacris, (if you knew rap music) it made Oprah’s moment and dig at Ludacris look “off-base” for this one reason only: