After 15 Years In Business, Man Sells Company and Gifts 114-Person Crew $237,000

Humble beginnings keeps one humbled if he’s truly humble.

kendisi-de-bogazina-pek-duskun,UyU8FjCW5k6fApfvwdZuXQNow THIS is what being a “boss” is.

Nevzat Aydin started a Turkish food delivery company (“Yemeksepeti”) some 15 years ago that employed a modest 114 person crew of people that today (2015) was sold to a German-based company called “Delivery Hero” for a whopping $589 million.

Considering the humble beginnings and the modest 114 person crew still riding since the beginning (+ the eventual additional 256) what sayeth thou thinketh he did with his monies?

I’ll tell you.

He thought highly of the 114 people that had been riding with him for these past 15 years that (by the way), earned only about $1000-2000 per month working for him.

Of that $589 million dollar payout he got, he divided $27 million from the sale among the original 114 employees (which averaged about $237,000 each!).


Even before the sale of the company was final, Aydin took the time out to allocate who would get what monies by considering a variety of factors:

  • How long the employee had been with the company
  • Their individual job performance
  • Their future potential in the company

Aydin told CNN “Yemeksepeti’s success story did not happen overnight. And many people participated in this journey with their hard work and talent. I believe in teamwork and I believe success is much more enjoyable and glorious when shared with the rest of the team.”

An employee of the company called Aydin’s gift “life-changing.”

Well…I just bet it did.

Loyalty pays doesn’t it?