About Last Night: SALT n PEPA Take The Stage at AMERICAN IDOL

If there was a name given for 80s music, it would probably be called “No Genre Left Behind.”

American Idol’s theme last night was “The 80s” and if you know music (or, like me, got yourself a happening Time/Life 80s collection of music) then you know that 80s music is the staple of some of the best music-no matter the genre.

Well last night, the dynamic duo Salt and Pepa stopped by Idol to bless the stage with their popular hit “Push It.” Check out what you missed as well as just a few of my favorite Salt n Pepa jams!

Let’s rock:


ORIGINAL “PUSH IT” Video ( I SWEAR I still reenact this whole video when this song comes on) :)-


“Groove Me” MY JAM. I STILL bump this! (I’ll work you on this one) *lafs Come on…wind’ya waist with me. Press play and let’s get it:


“Champagne” My JAM!



“No One Does it Better” My JAM!


Ohhhhhhh How soon I forget: My JAM!


“Sexy Noises” My JAM!

“My Mic Sounds Nice” Mannnnn Listen *throws hand

I love Salt n Pepa!

Hope you enjoyed yourself 🙂