About Last Night: RIHANNA Performs BBHMM & American Oxygen On SNL Finale


One of Saturday night’s most popular shows ended its season last night-and with that, obviously wanted to go out with a bang-who, but pop princess Rihanna to assist?


This is Rihanna’s fifth appearance on the show and although she didn’t participate in any of SNL’s skits, she showed up as their musical guest where she performed American Oxygen and BBHMM/Bitch Better Have My Money (two of her latest singles featured on the “R8” album to which the world still awaits its release).

Here goes:

The consensus was divided on whether or not they liked the last SNL show, Rihanna’s set or choice in songs perhaps. But either way-we’ll let yous have at some hot promo, backstage, and set pics to ease the pain.