About Last Night: Comedian MIKE EPPS Caught Out There By His Wife – Creeping In Woman’s Mentions Requesting DM

epps and wife

It was no laughing matter when comedian Mike Epps got caught out there trying to slip up in some social media “model”’ (slash) photographer’s DM for a nightcap, perhaps.

Whether he was inspired by this tweet possibly being about herself and simply wanted to use it as a segue to discuss some possible employment opportunities or no

…the fact of the matter is, a brief exchange in which Epps asked the woman to DM him and too, asked if she had an Instagram account, got him caught out there—by his wife: Mechelle Epps.

After reviewing the Twitter exchange initiated by Epps, his wife slid through with a pair of emoji eyes to show her philandering hubby that she was indeed watching it all.

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Although Mike and his wife deleted their parts in all this, the woman saved and posted her exchange between she and Epps and too, showed the world where