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NewIs TRUMP’s Bill A ‘Rookie’s Error’ – Like NANCY PELOSI Said?

NewDONALD’s IN-NOT-Guaration: A Comprehensive List of Inauguration Dropouts + DL HUGHLEY Slams STEVE HARVEY & TRUMP While ZOE SALDANA Claims Trump Is Being Bullied


NewPhilippine President Duterte, Who Claims Trump Congratulates Him On Job Well Done, Orders Military + Approve Of Civilian Killings of Drug Dealers AND Users

NewHow Trumps’ International Business Dealings Should Have Been Raked Through The Coals and Met At The Door

NewEven America’s Symbol: The Bald Eagle Found Running For Shelter Since TRUMP Presidency Made Official

New5 Reasons (And Ways) To Look At The Trump Presidency As A Positive (For Some) Or Light At The End of The Tunnel (For Others) But Either Way–Make A Special Kind Of Peace With It

New#ImWithHair-Out Of It: FBI Director JAMES COMEY’s Clinton Email Combthrough Meets End–Again DONALD TRUMP On His Best Pre-Election (Twitter) Behavior

NewSomebody Breaks Ground On TRUMP’S Walk Of Fame While He Currently Builds Next To White House

NewGLORIA ALLRED To Defend Victim Of TRUMP Breast Grope 27 Years Ago

NewWho’s That Thinking ‘Nasty’ Thoughts? Pop & Politics and How TRUMP The Pussy Grabber Had To Back That Thang Up After Calling HILLARY ‘Nasty’

NewDoes Trump’s 2005 Interview Comments Prove He Is A Mysogynist?

NewLegendary Latin Pop Music Trumpeteer HERB ALBERT Blows The Roof Off Los Angeles Community College: Donates $10.1 To The Music Program Making Tuition Fee of Charge

NewMELANIA TRUMP Dragged For Plagiarizing MICHELLE OBAMA’s 2008 Speech – DONALD For FREEDIE MERCURY Theme Song + A Look What Sensationalism Has Brought Us Down To

NewWhat DONALD TRUMP Can Learn From Jason Galvin – Army Vet Sharpshooter Who Shot Down Tree To Save Bald Eagle

NewHaving Once Jacked Up The NATIONAL ANTHEM, We Knew ROSEANNE BARR Wasn’t Sh|t – Now Backs DONALD TRUMP

NewTrump and Ryan: PAUL RYAN Pressure x Dan Quayle Support: Is #TrumpsParty / DONALD TRUMP A Representative Good For Life (Or Simply Good For What I Feel About Life)?

NewTRUMP & Senator ELIZABETH WARREN’s War of Words on Twitter + TRUMPS Strategy Behind Why He Attacks Women’s Looks

NewThelma and Louise’s SUSAN SARANDON Not Gon’ Ride Or Die For HILLARY CLINTON (Chooses DONALD TRUMP Instead) + How Rational Thinking Goes Out The Window When A Person Simply Just Doesn’t Like ‘YOU’

New#SuperTuesday March Madness : Cape Breton Wants To Earn Your Citizenship Should TRUMP Be POTUS – These Celebs Say They’ll Flee If He Wins + Has Sensation Nulled Our Ability To Make Sense?

NewAARON CARTER Twitter Bullied For Announcing DONALD TRUMP Endorsement –Pending LGBT Stance


NewNobel Peace Prize For Trump Despite Peace He Disrupted

NewNo Duckets for the Vets: In Lieu of TRUMP’s Veteran Fundraiser, His Campaign Sends Bumper Stickers in Reply For Help

New“Megyn Moderation”: How MEGYN KELLY, Short-Tressed And Ready, Trumps TRUMP By Default

NewUnbreak My Chart: TONI BRAXTON’s LIFETIME Biopic Trump Ratings

NewIf DONALD TRUMPs Gonna Try And Run This World, He Needs To Know How To Fly With Eagles

NewYOUNG THUG: Interviews With French Media Site CLIQUE Talks DONALD TRUMP, KANEY WEST, TUPAC, Reincarnation and……His Childhood

NewJust As The Country’s Judicial System Remains Questionable Now More Than Ever, DONALD TRUMP Gets Called For Jury Duty

NewWhen Taking One For The Team Backfires: How KELLY OSBOURNE Is Guilty of Making A Racist STEREOTYPE But Not OF Being RACIST Regarding Her Comment “If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilets, Donald Trump?”

NewDONALD TRUMP Pulls Adolescent Stunt Mid-Speech After Sen. LINDSEY GRAHAM Calls Him a Jackass: Gives His Phone Number To The World

NewThe GOP Rip Into DONALD TRUMPs Wig For Referring to Sen. JOHN MCCAIN As a “Dummy” Who’s No War ‘Hero’ Because He Got Captured

NewHis Eye Is On The Sparrow: PITBULL Sends Warning To DONALD TRUMP (In Spanish)

NewActual Footage of Druglord Accused of Beheadings & Other Crimes: JOAQUIN “El Chapo” GUZMAN Just Before His Mile-Long, 30 Feet Under Prison Escape Surfaces (As He Comes For DONALD TRUMPS Wig Or Nah?)


NewWith HILARY CLINTON Official and JEB BUSH Having Announced His Plans, DONALD TRUMP Announces His Presidential 2016 Run….Too


NewBALTIMORE RIOTS Cont’d: Rioters, Looters, Donald Trump, Peaceful Protests–And Concerned Moms Intervening

NewGrammy Winning Legendary Jazz Trumpeter CLARK TERRY Dies Age 94 – Music Impresario QUINCY JONES Speaks


New#HurtBae Chronicles: The Sharing Of #Hurtbae Experiences In An Effort To Lead HurtBae’s Out Of That Frame Of Thinking, Living, Over-Extending and Existence

NewBEYONCE Thwarts Doubt That She ‘Gave Birth’ Early-In, UC Berkeley Deletes Alt-Right Speaker MILO She Pregnancy+ MIKE PENCE Turns Black History Month Over To Abe Lincoln, Honestly

NewResidual Republican STACEY DASH Ditched By FOX

NewBEN AFFLECK Finally Acknowledges “Sad Affleck”

NewYAHOO FINANCE Sails Into A Big Problem On Twitter Overnight

NewBarber Shop Banter: Rapper FUTURE Said JAY Z Wasn’t Poppin’ ‘Til TUPAC & BIGGIE Got Popped (But JAY Z Admitted It Too)…Let’s Uncover:

NewIs Voting America’s Political Prom and Publicity Stunt for a Mere Consensus Check-In? Meet 1 Man From The Electoral College

NewSeptember Gossip Files

NewFormer Republican President George H.W Bush Throws His Support Behind Hillary Clinton: Democratic Prospective President

NewQuip Queen CHRISSY TEIGEN Blasts Miss Universe Organization For Their Lack of Diversity – While 2016 Miss Teen USA Karlie Hay Is Exposed For ‘N’ Word Use & Lack of Cultural Diveristy

NewThe Reckoning of RODHAM: HILLARY CLINTON Dealt In – Former First Lady Makes History As First Woman U.S Presidential Nominee + Did JOYCE BEATTY Troll Melania’s Dress + How JOE BIDEN is The Real “Law & Order Candidate” (Currently)

NewDue To “Purge” Laws, Many OHIO VOTERS May Be Not Able To Vote – Here’ s Why (And How You Can Work Around That)

NewLouisiana’s Triple S Convenience Store Officer Involved Shooting of ALTON STERLING: Shame Shame Shame + Its Eerie Similarities of TRAYVON MARTIN & ERIC GARNER CASE And What This Means

NewBERNIE SANDERS Doesn’t Hold The Truth Of His No Chance of Being President To Be Self-Evident – Costs Taxypayers $38k Each Day He Stays

NewTUPAC Once Said BOB DOLE Was “Too Old To Understand The Way The Game’s Told” – Yep, Says He Want GEORGE WASHINGTON As President

NewHistory Made: HILLARY CLINTON Officially Presumptive Presidential Nominee – Should She Be Made Official?

NewNorth Carolina Gifted Its First Anti LGBT Billboard – Courtesy of PLANTING PEACE

New#WednesdayWisdom Just Why BEYONCE Gets The Sensually Salacious Pass AMBER ROSE & KIM KARDASHIAN Never Will

NewWas MELISSA HARRIS-PERRY In The Right or Wrong w/MSNBC + Was This All Over BEYONCE’s “Formation?”

New#SCPrimary Secured by CLINTON : #WhichHillary ? 2016 #ImWithHer Heavily Understated Given Her Big Win

New{Video} Was BERNIE SANDERS Walking the Walk He Talks–Even At Age 21?

NewMosque Visit Subject of American Scorn As President BARACK OBAMA & FLOTUS Seek To Rid All of “Islamphobia”


NewWhite Actor JOSEPH FIENNES Plays MICHAEL JACKSON In Upcoming Movie – Necessary Or No?

NewIs There Any Self-Respectable, Mutually Beneficial Way A Woman Can Offer a Man An “Open Relationship”? – Yes, There Is

NewHave You Really Been Treating Your Turkey (and Guests) Right?

NewThe U.S’ #1 Fan (Yet Again) Out of Hand: North Korea’s KIM JUNG UN Threatens To Now Have Thermonuclear Bomb, Experts Doubt It

NewSocial Media Educating Men and The Masses On The Politics of Pu$$y: From PMS Packages, Period Sex, Baking Bread from Vaginal Yeast, Abortions and Granny Panties

New‘Boy Bye!’ OPRAH Buying B.E.T Merely An Acronym for “Boy Exit There” After Being Ambushed By “Secret Son” From Past + Are Mentors Responsible For The Follow Through?

NewKARRINE “Superhead” STEFFANS Caught Out There Claiming Backstage Concert Pic of LIL WAYNE Hers? + Let’s Get To The Bottom of SUPERHEAD’s Antics 20+ Years Later

NewBuzzing: OPRAH WINFREY Returning to Daytime Talk Television – Did You Think She Really Ever ‘Owned’ OWN? Let’s Weigh In

NewBuzzing: MARK CUBAN (Allegedly) Fathered Child With Underaged Filipino Girl

NewOn ‘Decision-Making’ : Are You Making Emotional Suicide Decisions or Making Decisions To Be ‘Alive’ Going Forward – A Personal ‘TED Talk’

NewPRINCE Removes Music From SPOTIFY In Early July – Released New Song Today (On SPOTIFY) + Did JAY Z Throw In Towel On TIDAL? Weigh In: Brand v. Niche & What Went Wrong & Why TIDAL Couldn’t Compete

NewDevil in the Details: MIA FARROW Gets Twitter Account Suspended After Giving “CECIL THE LION”s Killer’s Home Address Out To The Masses

New#SayHerName No. Really: Say Her Name – Why I’m Writing A #TheSandraBlandLaw© Be Passed & Why It’s Very Necessary + ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW NOW & LATER ABOUT HOW NOT TO BE REMOVED FROM POINT A (Pullover) TO POINT B (Beat and/or Booked)

NewAMBER ROSE Organizes The #AmberRoseSlutWalk

NewRPC (Reverse Psychology Cheating) The Secret To Him Not Cheating On You & Making it Last Happily Ever After

NewAn ENVOGUE Christmas Premiers Tonight on Lifetime

NewAALIYAH Biopic Set to Air on LIFETIME TELEVISION Saturday, November 15

No thumbnail for NewLet The Doves (And The Quips Fly): JOAN RIVERS Has Been Laid To Rest

NewLet The Doves (And The Quips Fly): JOAN RIVERS Has Been Laid To Rest

New“The Kid Is Not My Son” SHERRI SHEPHERD Pulls A ‘Billie Jean’ On Ex-Hubby SAL FROM THE D

New{Girl Talk: Teen Mom Pressure} VH1’s TEEN MOM FARRAH ABRAHAM’s Ode to Her Haters: A New Music Video

NewJAY Z Proves He’s a Business, Man. $1 Million Raised via BARNEY’S For Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation

NewOMAROSA to BETHENNY: “You Get To Walk Around and Be Mediocre and You Still Get Rewarded With Things”

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