DONALD’s IN-NOT-Guaration: A Comprehensive List of Inauguration Dropouts + DL HUGHLEY Slams STEVE HARVEY & TRUMP While ZOE SALDANA Claims Trump Is Being Bullied

Well if there’s room for an acting category of entertainment for “president elect” Donald Trump’s inauguration, Zoe Saldana’s is in the mail. Along with others who lift and speak of, or for The Donald in high regard, seeing as though the Avatar actress has spoken out in his defense, surely she’s in his good graces…

BEN AFFLECK Finally Acknowledges “Sad Affleck”

Like we told you on our recent post including Jennifer Holliday (and about countless others): when Tori Spilling gets the word out, there’s no hiding…ya GOTTA speak up. For a long time now, Ben Affleck has flat-out ignored the moniker and makings of the Sad Affleck meme inspired by his notorious interview with Henry Cavill….