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NewDormant / Dead Butt Syndrome (DBS): How & Why Sleeping In Fetal Position & Sitting Too Long Is Unhealthy + How To Channel YOUR Personal Fitness Goals / Regimen Exclusive to You & YOUR Lifestyle

NewHave You Assessed and Made Sense of Social Media Enough To Be Ready To Handle Facebook’s ‘DISLIKE’ Button?

NewPIERS MORGAN’s Attempt to Define “Black Twitter” After Rebutting #BlackLivesMatter Then Rebuking NICKI MINAJ’s Race Rant @ MTV Got Him Read The Riot Act Today

NewLINDSAY LOHAN’s Digital Disasters Done in 1 Day: Tweets Then Deletes Use of the ‘N’ Word + Build-a-Butt Photoshop Faux Pas

New“The Michaelangelo Of Butt Injections” PADGE-VICTORIA WINDSLOW Trial Underway: AMBER ROSE Called, NICKI MINAJ Name Dropped & “VH1 Clients” Mentioned

NewYAHOO FINANCE Sails Into A Big Problem On Twitter Overnight

NewSo Cold in the ‘D’: Singer TREY SONGZ Arrested For Assault – Due in Court January 5

NewMADONNA Vogues and Twerks In Closed Quarters During Carpool Car Karaoke with JAMES CORDEN

NewIs Voting America’s Political Prom and Publicity Stunt for a Mere Consensus Check-In? Meet 1 Man From The Electoral College

NewSeptember Gossip Files

NewFourth Grade Atlanta Teacher Deemed Too Hot for School: Is She? ( Or Are We Too Hooked On Internet Physical ‘Trend’ To See A Human Being Simply Being?)

NewKORRYN GAINES vs. Frightened Texas Woman Pulled Over Getting Jumped On By Cop – What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Do

NewSinger LETOYA LUCKETT & Social Media Sanguine ROB HILL Sr Divorce After Just 2 Months – What Can We Learn From This Type of Situation?

NewAll Gay Cast Dating Reality Show Coming This Fall Is + Hypothalamus Speaking: Is Monogamy Even Harder For Gay Men Than Straight Men?

NewA TESLA’s Gon’ Tes & The Sun’s Gon’ Shine: Driver Killed Testing TESLA’s Self-Driving Car When Bright Sky Effected Sensor

NewBEYONCE’s Mom Gets Slayed: Accused Of Lying To Cover Her Sly BET AWARDS Early Exit + Who Were Other No-Shows and ‘Got To Go’s?

New7 Whole Years: Remembering Who’s Loving The King of Pop – MICHAEL JACKSON

NewMUHAMMAD ALI To Be Eulogized By BILL CLINTON, BRYANT GUMBEL, BILLY CRYSTAL – Lays To Rest in Louisville June 10


New#NBAFinals: Was LEBRON JAMES’ Timely Apology To STEPH CURRY For The Karma Gods—Or A Mental Tactic To Disarm Him For Tonight’s Game?

NewFlorida Man Drives Car Over Two Motorcyclists During Road Rage Incident + Why Do YOU Think Bizarre Stuff Like This Is Happening More and More?

NewWhat Makes BIG BOI Wrong + Right About His Insulting Meme About FLORIDA EVANS x Women Of Today

NewIs BLAKE LIVELY Too “Becky” To Cop To Having An “L.A Face & Oakland Booty?” SIR-MIX-ALOT Says No

NewHusband and Father of 4, Rapper SNOOP Says He’s Leaving No Will + Marriage x Relationship And When (Before) Death We SHOULD Part

NewMET GALA 2016 Manus x Machina: Magnificence and Madness

NewPRINCE’s Alleged Love Child Steps Forward + With No Will Found, Should SHEILA E Oversee This Whole Thing?

NewSunday Mystery Blog (Story Yet Untitled)…

New#AutismAwarenessMonth JEREMY SICILE-KIRA: California Artist w/Synthesia Brings Your Aura To Canvas

NewWoman’s Weave Holds Recorder Catching Doctor Dissing Her + Doctor Sued & Other Cases Of Under Anesthesia Physical Abuse & Why You Need To Be Careful- Even Under A Doctor’s “Care”

New#WednesdayWisdom Just Why BEYONCE Gets The Sensually Salacious Pass AMBER ROSE & KIM KARDASHIAN Never Will

NewWas MELISSA HARRIS-PERRY In The Right or Wrong w/MSNBC + Was This All Over BEYONCE’s “Formation?”

NewIf Your Relationship Is On Display Is It All For ‘Play’? Busted: SAGE THE GEMINI Used JORDIN SPARKS For Publicity – Ex Leaks Audio Of His Admitting Relationship Stunt

NewAre Your Eyes Seeing The ‘WINDOWS’ To Your ‘ADOBE’ Like…Acting Up Lately? Here’s Why:

NewHay For The Va-Jay-Jay: Foria Marijuana Suppositories For Your Monthly?

NewSh|t Happens: AMBER ROSE Anal-Shames KANYE – Should He Be? I’ve Gotten Caught In ‘Sh|t Happens’ Situations Too – Ashamed? No

New“Megyn Moderation”: How MEGYN KELLY, Short-Tressed And Ready, Trumps TRUMP By Default

NewPregnant Moms & New Moms To Be Screened For Depression + Considering Surge in Plastic Surgery, Are Doctors Screening? Should They?

NewThe Godfather & Barney Miller’s ABE VIGODA Dead At 94 + HBO Airing 7 Hrs Of Godfather Remastered Unedits – Did You Know?

NewAbsence Making The Heart Grow Fonder: Why We Are Less “Fond” Today Than Ever Before + What One Woman Did For Her Boyfriend in the EVENTS of Her Absence


NewHave You Really Been Treating Your Turkey (and Guests) Right?

NewNothing From Test Can Keep Them From It: Despite Circumstances & Popular Belief, Education Is Still Important To These Two Women

NewDisturbing Details in the Case Involving NICKI MINAJ’s Brother Jelani + Is He The Subject of the Rape of More Than One “12 Year Old Girl?”

NewSensationalism and STACEY DASH: Why She Needs To Have Several Seats

NewTen Years Later FARRAH FRANKLIN Gives Her Version of What Happened With DESTINYs CHILD

NewSNOOP & PATTI LABELLE Extend Thanksgiving To Those Beyond Their Own Families

NewThe World of Social Media and The Fame Game: Is PATTI LABELLE Wrong For Not Paying The Guy For The Video Gone Viral (That Ultimately Sold Her Pie?)

NewWALE Apologizes For Celebrating Objectifying Black Women w/Pic of Object of Subject That Came To Life & Undone On Him + Is Hip-Hop Culture Growing Over The Superficial Hump Already?

NewSeveral Ways (and Reasons) To Make Egg Nog Your Festive Delicacy This Season

NewZENDAYA’s Not Claiming ‘Thick’ Just Yet

NewRUSHCARD Freeze: 3 Steps To Get Your Money & Life Back Today

NewEMPIRE Soars Then Slips And 50 Cent Quips: ‘It’s Those Gay Plots’

NewWill AMBER ROSE’s “Slut Walk” Make Head Way For A Woman To Comfortably Co-Exist Wearing Her ‘Slut’ On Her Sleeve?

NewChicago Bulls’ DERRICK ROSE Asserts Accuser Consented To Group Sex + The Foul In ‘Dating’ Ball Players & Celebs – Things Every Woman Should Know

NewLENA DUNHAM’s Social Media Diss & How #BlackGirlMagic Cast A Spell on EMMY Night + Are We Fake and Fear When Sh/t Gets Real?

NewNo Scrubs: The Ladies of THE VIEW Get Advertising Wiped Away After Making Jokes About MISS AMERICA Pageant Contestant’s Nurse Uniform For ‘Talent Competition’ Segment

NewDating Naked: Dear”Size-Queens”: Do You Get Your Answer Beforehand (In Hand) Or While He’s In? + How To Determine If He’s Truly in a Relationship With You, Too

NewEgg White Lovers Unite! (Let’s Separate)

NewUS OPEN Match 1: SERENA WILLIAMS Barely Broke a Sweat Before Opponent VITALIA DIATCHENKO Broke into A Limp And Off the Court

NewICYMI: Your 2015 MTV VMAs Recap of All Speeches, All (Outdoor and Indoor) Performances, and Other Unforgettable Moments! (+ Noms & Winners List)

NewBRITTNEY GRINdER: Newly Single BRITTNEY GRINER Seen Grinding w/Woman in Nightclub After GLORY JOHNSON’s Request for Spousal Support Denied

NewSHANE MOSLEY’s Girlfriend Suffers ReperCUFFsion At The Hand of His Opponent RICARDO MAYORGA

NewOh What a Joy! JOY BEHAR Returns To THE VIEW Along With PAULA FARIS & CANDACE CAMERON + Why JOY Is What’s Been Missing

NewGo To And Match

NewIs MADAME TUSSAUD Solely To Blame For Their Wax Museum Stat of NICKI MINAJ Being On All Fours? Let’s Weigh in

NewHow When You Snooze, You Loose

NewWhy After Doing Things One Way, Safely, For So Long – It’s Okay (Mid Walk) To Stop And Just Do “You”

NewAfter Seeing STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, Just When OPRAH Gets Her Cherry Broken On Understanding of Rap–In Walks The World of Social Media: Remembering the Time….

NewNever Before Released Details Of BOBBI KRISTINA’s Death Emerge, AUNT LELOAH Posts Open Letters Since Funeral, BOBBI KRISTINA’s Brother BOBBY BROWN Jr. Rejects Attention Gained Since Her Death

NewJON STEWART’S #JonVoyage Went Out With A Bang And The 2nd Highest Ratings On Television & Social Media’s Most-High Energy Nights Remarked

NewROBIN THICKE Is “Back Together” with NICKI MINAJ

NewWhen Taking One For The Team Backfires: How KELLY OSBOURNE Is Guilty of Making A Racist STEREOTYPE But Not OF Being RACIST Regarding Her Comment “If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilets, Donald Trump?”

New5 Reasons Why MEEK MILL Cannot Come Back For DRAKE

NewAbout Last Night: JANET JACKSON’S Niece Spazzes Out On Twitter “You Guys Don’t Know How Horrible Of An Aunt She Is – She’s a Bitch.” Exactly What IS “Family”, Friends?–Lets Weigh In

NewKHLOE KARDASHIAN Clears Up Rumors of DORIAN HOLLEY’s Cocaine Use At Baby Sis KYLIE JENNER’s Graduation Party + Defends Her in COMPLEX Mag Article & Shoot

NewBEYONCE Preparing to Let it All Hang Out in Her Next Movie Role?

NewEnemy of the State…..Of Affairs: Cheating Site ASHLEY MADISON Hacked – 37 Million Profiles Up for Public View + How You Can Protect Your Privacy

NewHis Eye Is On The Sparrow: PITBULL Sends Warning To DONALD TRUMP (In Spanish)

NewJUSTIN BIEBER Caught Out There: Posts Bikini Pic of KELLY & MICHAEL’s KELLY RIPA Citing She Was His “Big Crush”

NewPresident OBAMA Urged To Revoke BILL COSBY’s ‘Metal of Freedom’ – How (Given His Recent Troubles) Keeping It Is Really a Reminder of Just How Free BILL COSBY Is Not

NewLittle Boy Intervenes When Pet Goat Is About to Be Lead To Slaughter + Why Kids, The Elderly, Special Needs and People Under 26 Are ‘Special’

NewBROWNIE BARS For Your 4th of July Shin Dig: Peaches and Cream, Glazed Lemon, and Cookie Dough Ice Cream

NewWhat We Can Do For Our Brain In The Morning That Works For Our Entire Day

New20 Quotes That Put Hustle in Your Bustle and Drum in Your Hum

NewAn OPEN LETTER TO GERALDO RIVERA: Come To Terms With Your Own Reverse Racism in the Form Of Projecting It Onto Hip Hop! Once Again GERALDO Blames Hip Hop (And This Time: KENDRICK LAMARs BET 2015 Performance) On Being A Problem – But See How One New Jersey Teacher Saw KENDRICK and Hip Hop As A Solution

NewComplicated No More: AVRIL LAVIGNE Gets A Name For What’s Kept Her Down, Out And Away

NewExcerpts from “Angie Situation (NAIVETE’)” Pulled From ‘Dad’ and “Father” Keywords + BONUS CHAPTER READS

NewHow Old Is Too Old To Be Divorcing So Late? — BEN AFFLECK & JENNIFER GARNER Rumored Secretly Separated, CHARLIZE THERON Breaks Up With SEAN PENN Less Than A Month After Doting Over Him In An Interview, SOLE & GINUWINE’s Divorce Details Revealed

NewThe NAACP Main Chapter + Spokane Chapter President RACHEL DOLEZAL Give Statements As She Steps Down In Lieu Of Falsely Portraying Race QUESTION: Are We ‘Rachel’ Too?

NewMILEY CYRUS Poses Stink in the Pink For PAPER Mag, KELLY ROWLAND Does a Hairsplitting Photo Shoot, KHLOE KARDASHIAN Battles Haters Re: Surgery-Did She, Or Didn’t She? Tap in, Let’s Weigh In:

NewOverzealous Cop Put On Leave For Crashing Pool Party + Using Excessive Force on Teens

NewFor The Cost of a Little Modest House For You, Singer MONICA Throws A Big “Fresh Prince Themed” Party for Her Pre-Tween

NewIndependence Day and Memorial Day Get-Together Dish Ideas!

NewCandy Match Crush

NewStatements Released Regarding KANYE WEST’s Inaudible, Out of Sight BILLBOARD AWARDS Performance

NewRIHANNA Releases Official “Secret Garden IV” DIOR Campaign + Has New Single — Why Singles Don’t Thrive Online Past a Social Media Trending Topic & What Could Be Done About It?

NewOptimize These 3 Areas in Your Life for Highest Productivity

NewWeight Loss & Nutrition Myths Debunked by HungryGirl + What To Eat Before & After Working Out!

NewBye-Bye Muffins – Say ‘Hi’ To Magical Sky-High Popovers!

NewMARIAH CAREY Debuts First Single ‘Infinity’ Off #1ToInfinity

NewThelma’s Husband “Keith” on GOOD TIMES Dies at Age 64

NewBublé Loves the Bubble: Classy-Pop Singer MICHAEL BUBLÉ Caught Snapping Photo & Objectifying Unidentified Woman’s Bottom

NewWayne Community College Shooting Victim Was Male – At Large Suspect Identified As 20 Year-Old KENNETH STANCIL III

NewNICK CANNON & MARIAH Spent Easter with “Dem Babies”

New“Bakerella’s” Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes

New“Familarity Breeds Contempt”: Why You Should Embrace Change

NewRIHANNA & MELISSA Getting Their ‘7/11’ On at Party During PARIS FASHION WEEK

NewE! News’ GIULIANA RANCIC Under Fire For Comments Made About ZENDAYA COLEMAN’s Hair While On The OSCARS Red Carpet

NewKANYE Returns to Do Radio Interview – Talks Fashion, BEYONCE, DAME DASH, BECK, MIKE BROWN, TYGA & KYLIE and Needing 30 Showers After AMBER – Before KIM

NewWinners of YAHOO’s Most Dramatic Couple Award PAM ANDERSON & RICK SALOMON Headed For Divorce-Again…Foreal This Time

NewFlaws and All: HALLE BERRY Talks Pressures of Plastic Surgerty + Unretouched Photos of CINDY CRAWFORD & BEYONCE Leaked + Closeups: JLO, MILEY, PHARRELL, RITA ORA, RIHANNA, KIM KARDASHIAN, KATY, LADY, ARIANA & More

New50 Shades of Grey Too “Singular” for Your Taste? Want Romance Instead? Check Out “The 18 Most Romantic Movies Ever”

NewQuick Recipe: Spicy Citrus Shrimp Scampi & Angel-Hair Pasta

NewRaptagonist AZEALIA BANKS Comes For ERYKAH BADU + RIHANNA & ERYKAH Meet For The First Time!

NewAbout Last Night: Irving Plaza NYC DRAKE Takes + Drops 14-Minute Intro to 17-Track Mix Tape


NewShould RIHANNA RIHSPOND? Philadelphia Eagles’ MYCHAL KENDRICKS Surfaces to Explain Why He Threw RIHANNA a Curve Ball

NewAbout OSF

NewDid Rapper FUTURE Touch Down On His Current State of Emotion & Situation w/Singer CIARA On His New Song?



NewOWN Documentary “Light Girls” Starring CHANTE MOORE, ESSENCE ATKINS, RAVEN-SYMONE & More Reveal Their Side of Colorism – Is The Bigger Issue More Gender & Social Now In 2015 Than We Are Paying Attention To?

New2015 OSCAR Nom (and Snub) List

New{New Music } “I Bet” + CIARA’s For Certain Future & VOGUE L’UOMO Shoot

NewNAYA RIVERA On The View: “I Think White People Shower More Than Ethnics” Was It, Yet, Another Dig At Ex: Rapper BIG SEAN?

NewSAFAREE Searching for Self & Life After NICKI MINAJ + How NICKI Basically Played Herself Through Their Public Breakup & What Women NEVER Should Do In Such Situations

New{Out & About} KUWT…Keeping Up with the Celebrities: JADA, WILLOW & JADEN Smith and BEYONCE & JAY Z Vacay

New#UnapologeticBitch with a #RebelHeart: MADONNA Wraps MARTIN LUTHER KING & NELSON MANDELA – Has She Gone Too Far?

No thumbnail for NewJADA PINKETT-SMITH Reveals How She Shapes & Sculpts During Her Role on GOTHAM as Fish Mooney in January/February 2015’s SHAPE MAGAZINE

NewJADA PINKETT-SMITH Reveals How She Shapes & Sculpts During Her Role on GOTHAM as Fish Mooney in January/February 2015’s SHAPE MAGAZINE

NewSinger ADELE Spotted Leaving the Gym Today Following Rumor Having It She Aint Got No Love Anymore

NewNICKI MINAJ Unfollows Some of Her Fans for Leaking Old Footage to be Mean-Spirited

New“I Think I Love My Wife” Actor-Comedian CHRIS ROCK Divorcing After Nearly 20 Years of Marriage

NewKIM Covers ELLE UK Three Times: A Lady

NewLights Out for BET’s 106 & PARK – BOW WOW Bites & Barks

NewANGIE MARTINEZ Crosses the Finish Line of the New York City Marathon

NewBack Together Again: RIHANNA Rihturns to Instagram

New{Out & About} CIARA & Baby FUTURE Up, Up, & Away

NewHALLE BERRY Launches New Lingerie Line Amid the Throes of Lingering Baby-Daddy Woes

NewFellatio for the Role: Wild N’ Out Comedian SPANKY Claims TYRESE Did It For “Baby Boy”

NewRIHANNA Dining with Dreamworks Animation CEO Jeffery Katzenberg

NewStripper Claims DRAKE Threatened Her After Sex & ‘Being Caught in a Lie’ for Cheating w/Another Stripper

NewCIARA Sports CALVIN KLEIN Sports Bikini Ensemble After Shedding 60 Pounds Post-Baby Weight

NewBudding Model KENDALL JENNER Bullied At NYFW, Doesn’t Want Sis KIM KARDASHIAN Coming To Her Shows

NewNICKI MINAJ’s Request to Speak At Her Former High School Denied

NewYou Say Child Abuse ADRIAN PETERSON Says “Being Spanked Has Helped Me in My Life”

New{OnDa Cover & In Between} TARAJI P. HENSON: EBONY MAGAZINE’s October Cover Girl Celebrates NO GOOD DEED and a Birthday

New‘I’m No Rowdy Chick, Sometimes I Have to Fight ‘Cause My Mouth’s Too Slick’ – Singer MONICA Had to Clap Back at Fan

NewNICK CANNON’s Massive 19-Tweet Tirade

NewNICK CANNON’s Dad Makes Disparaging Comments About She and NICK’s Marital Problems–Online

NewJLO Releases Cover Art & Video Snippet For Second Single: “Booty”

NewJAMIE FOXX To Box: He’s The #1 Contender in MIKE TYSON Biopic

NewNICKI MINAJ: The Backlashing of the Big Barebottom Barbie

NewPURPLE RAIN Turns 30: PRINCE Invites APOLLONIA To Paisley Park

New{Out & About} Surprise! It’s a RIHANNA !

New{Real World} Head of the Class: Charges Filed on Teacher in Houston for Giving Lap Dance to Middle School Student


NewLIL’ WAYNE Retiring But Going Out With a Bang

NewHere’sssss JOHNNY! The Late, Late-Night Talk Show Host JOHNNY CARSON Reportedly Has A Sex Tape Coming to a DVD Near You


NewRapper LUDACRIS In Court for Child Support on 2-Month Old Conceived Out of Girlfriendlock

NewSAMUEL JACKSON Pulls a “Gator,” Snaps at Popular TV Anchor

NewBEYONCE’s BRAVERY The Sky Dive, The Spontaneous Album Drop, The Yacht Jump & Just in Time For Valentines Day: Something For You & Your Honey’s Bums

NewLong Hand of the Law Lenient on CHRIS BROWN Who Remained ‘Loyal’ to His List of Courthouse Commands, Escapes Going to the Big House

NewQUEEN LATIFAH: Officiating “Same Love” Ceremony at GRAMMYs Upsets Some Members of the Gay Community

NewPeek A Boo. You Can Be Found, Boo

New2014 CRITICS CHOICE MOVIE AWARDS (Winners + Contenders)

NewTINA FEY Chimes in AMY POEHLER Less Than Vocal & How KERRY WASHINGTON Pioneered End of SNL Controversy

NewMARIA SHARAPOVA Had to Step Her Game Up

NewThe BEYONCE Eye-fect: Her Graceful Diss at a Remark Made By KELLY ROWLAND in Vintage DESTINY’S CHILD Footage

NewBETHENNY on the Beach Boo’d Up in a Bikini with Buff Bare-Chested Hunk

New“The Jerk”: STEVE MARTIN Apologizes for Bringing Down the House on the Twittersphere with “racist tweet”

NewEVELYN LOZADA Is Making Manifest: “Baseball Wife” Current Situation: Engaged To CARL CRAWFORD

NewBEYONCE Takes a Shot at Target By Slashing Prices at Walmart–Literally!

NewEMINEM EXTENDS OFFER TO BEIBER: “Clean Up Your Act & We Can Put it on Wax!”

NewSIMON Says: The Prospect of Fatherhood Has Changed His Life

NewCOUNTRY GRAMMAR: Former Spelman Alum & Nelly’s No Longer Mum About Both Sides of a Story That Could Have Saved a Life

NewFree Read Excerpt from Chp. 10 The Chase: Why You Should Never Approach A Man First ( Feel Like A Lady, Deal Like A Man Tips & Secrets On Everything From Self-Esteem, Friends, Love, Sex & Men)

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NewKIM KARDASHIAN: I Put My Guns Downs on Her And Why You Should Too.

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