50 Cent Pays Total of $7 Mill


The verdict’s in on Get Rich or Die Trying rapper 50 Cent, and well…we can’t say his efforts went unnoticed as, the big bankruptcy to-do was all the rave last week as 50 headed to court to reorganize his riches-riches that following a $5million dollar loss to Lastonia Leviston he was forced to pay.

The rapper was sued for an amateur sex tape he premiered on his site for all to see in an effort to embarrass the woman’s baby’s father: rapper Rick Ross, with whom 50 had an ongoing feud with at the time.


After many years of pain and suffering in her personal life, Leviston was awarded the $5 million + pending punitive damages 50 Cent was ordered to pay (despite his bankruptcy filing).

Although during the filing 50 basically claimed his plush, lavish, lifestyle was all a front and an illusion, he was still ordered to payback Leviston a real $2 mill in additional monies from the once-pending punitive portion of the lawsuit.