“STACEY CRASS” STACEY DASH Gets New Gig – Brought Same Old ‘Stacey Dash’ : Cast mates Hate Her Already

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Sometimes people are ‘defensively’ mean when they know they’ve torn their a$$ in ways that (in their own head) they know it’s too late to turn back—so to prepare themselves for fight or flight; they tend to opt for being mean out right the box over being simply natural, kind or mutable.

Take for instance: Clueless actress Stacey Dash who, it seems after receiving her walking papers on the show Single Ladies, it seems like she pulled a Dylan Roof of sorts: methodically started educating herself about a particular group and immersed herself in it such that she began shooting [but too, taking shots] for all unpopular opinions and things in support of the political affiliation with which she found a kind of unified revenge solace in.

It was pretty bad to the point where (rather than a respectable republican with intelligently debatable views) she made herself look simply worthy of being a perfect publicity stunt for the party to give it some ‘edge’ (withOUT any serious person of the party taking her serious enough to let her in to a level where she could be respected as