Everything Has Its Time and Season: Check Out Some Secrets of AUGUST You Might Not Know About


The funny thing about the consistency of this universe by which we share is that while we terrestrial beings are down here doing our daily things and hustles and bustles, there are a couple of unwavering, unyielding, divine things that never change: Seasons and time-we have to do “us” around them.

Although (eventual death and taxes are inevitable in the course of daily life), the fact of the matter is: We get an ample amount of time to enjoy life and it it’s interesting-if too, we a moment to stop and realize that of all things we do and throughout our “busy,” we’re only working with 24 hours in a day of seasons and time and are gifted with the next day to start anew or continue (with seasons dictating the elements-overseeing everything from fruit to fruition).

The other great thing in life down and around here among one another is that, if we keep our eyes open, ears to the streets (and stay informed by resourceful people sites like OSF of courrsssse), we learn that at certain times (in the seasons), certain things are of greater value to us in our daily lives that at other times.

Take a look at what our friends at WP suggest the month of August is good for-for you as a consumer:

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