35 BILL COSBY Accusers Cover NEW YORK MAGAZINE – Dope Missed Opportunity: Why They Should Have Stood On The Steps Of The COSBY SHOW Brownstone

I’ve never been one to follow group think (and doings) because when I find too much is going ‘one’ way-I need to stand back observe. My thinking is, if I see a loophole or kink, that’s your sign that you should get busy finding your own way and making your own way. There’s a gem, shine and a light in that-that’s yours to find and if you find it and make it work: that’s your niche and ‘thing’ that no one can touch.


That’s my philosophy on things (and where your purpose can be found as, your niche and purpose will never be found riding the currents)…

But through blogging, (considering what information all news media had to work with), unfortunately, I had to ride that current regarding Bill Cosby: It just was what it was-I couldn’t fight or find the loophole or flaw.

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But when the full details of the deposition were made available (like I would and do anyone) my open mind kept my eyes out on getting to the bottom of all the shame-and so I discovered Bill Cosby’s ordeal required more understanding and a little bit of empathy as, I realized his thinking and living in his own head + “feeling” through that—is what lead to him doing some unthinkable things…and so went the legacy and world’s high regard and esteem.


Low and behold, be still my typical kind and open heart because even with my feeling disdain about what he was doing, no sooner than my extension of understanding with the dash of empathy was given, just last week-he followed up with publicly saying he should get his money back from Andrea Constand [who was the one victim paid in a settlement to keep all things on the hush].

Well when she didn’t hush, Cosby got the notion that perhaps he should get his money back…and that, to me was whack (not to mention-turned my empathy + understanding into perhaps he is a bit of a narcissist or sociopath) because lord knows-we women would love to “get our p*%%y back” from some men and blasts from the the past—much less, a man who takes it.


How dare he.

That being said (what he said) blew it for me in the empathy department.

I turned it all over to just, still: “understanding” [his thinking and living in his own head + “feeling” through that—leading him to doing some unthinkable things].

Lest we not forget, the blessed in the mess: As much access as he had to kids (and the parents who shipped them off right to the trusted source), lets all give a round of applause that none of these terrible things Pill Bill Cosby did happened to none of the kids!


Welp, we’re into another week now-and there’s another thing yet to be remarked:

New York Magazine has line up all 35 women who (although can’t get their p*%%y’s back) or, at this point-no pain, suffering, and punitive damages paybacks; they got their just due in the most unique way priceless and possible: Sitting in chairs, lined up on the from page of New York magazine with an extra unseated chair to spare.


Point blank: The legacy’s ruined.

Now although if one were to look at this with an artist eye and symbolic sanctioning of sweet revenge (considering that from the looks of things, with the exception of Andrea Constand, they will always be known as “accusers” rather than actual “victims”) the cover of the magazine would have had a better effect and made quite the statement if all the women were standing on the steps of the notorious Cosby Show Brownstone home as, he ruined the legacy of that just as much as he ruined these women’s lives (not to mention the legacy and memories of the cast and crew of such show that made American history in ways no other television show will ever reach)…

At any rate.

New York magazine or any other entity reading this:

Hey, I do more than write and blog. I’m available for other services too…Come see me next time! We could’ve taken this cover to another level! Should’ve tapped me.

Together, we could’ve executed a vision!Huxtable-house-NYC


Seriously, though.

Here goes: