50 Cent Thwarts RICK ROSS’ Baby Mama’s Sex-Tape Lawsuit Filing With Last Minute Bankruptcy Filing?

It’d be like he proclaims [is the] meaning of his name—if ‘50 Cent’ be a metaphor for change, then showing up to court today thinking that after six years you were going to get justice: think again.

For a long while now (and especially this month), whispers had been a-brewing and people were awaiting this etched in day after Memorial Day court date in which rapper 50 Cent was to face a different kind of music: Stand trial for posting a sex-tape of a Florida woman named Lestonia Levistion, 36.

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The back story on the issue is that Leviston is the baby’s mother of 50 Cent’s rap rival: Rick Ross. Back in 2009, 50 Cent was on a mission to publicly embarrass the then, up and coming rapper and self-proclaimed boss via hitting him below the belt as possible. He succeeded by putting himself in the company of Ross’ other baby’s mother (Tia) where she spilled secrets of Ross’ to 50 (and reportedly paid for it)—in addition to allowing herself to be video taped with 50 who laughed as he sat with/held the kid belong to both Ross and Tia.


Insult to injury was added when 50 Cent got a hold of a sex tape of Leviston-the other baby’s mother of she and some guy (at the beginning of the video) she claimed to love-as she looked into the camera to say (+ mention) this was her first sex tape.

The guy in the video tape with her, Maurice Murray, sold the tape to 50 Cent-who owns a website where he does variety shows therefore, had just the spot to place tapes (and all else) of both baby’s mother’s [in an effort to humiliate Ross].

Obviously, a sex tape like such and considering the reasons behind it and six degrees of separation, the video amassed over 4 million views. The problem with that was, Murray was blurred out and Leviston was not.

Viewers were treated to 50 Cent (in one of his characters: “Curly Pimp”) narrating the entire 13 minute video tape. (Considering the business I do here-I didn’t post it. I didn’t link it, considering what she must be going through-especially after you finished reading how this all went bust).

Fast forward.

Considering suicide as, per her-she could not keep a job or maintain a quality of life, via a 2010 Manhattan lawsuit filed against him, Leviston was heard and granted the motion for 50 to stand trial.  

Low and behold, that trial date came (today) and at the literal 11th hour ‘til court was to be adjourned…like minutes before, in walks federal bankruptcy proceedings (filed in Connecticut on

behalf of his boxing company SMS) stating claims that it owed upwards in the amount of around $500k and could not pay (despite 50 being worth $140 million dollar + winning $1.6 million dollars betting on the Mayweather/Pacquaio fight from a couple of weeks ago).

But since 50 Cent, whose legal name is Curtis Jackson, is the sole owner and manager of SMS and claiming to be in debt such that bankruptcy had to be filed, Jackson got the federal judge to remove the Manhattan state civil lawsuit filed by Leviston claiming [the suit] “may have effects on assets and liabilities of the debtor,” (so says Jackson’s filing).

Leviston’s lawyer claimed this move was [quote] “the most egregious case of sandbagging” he had ever seen stating Jackson’s reasons for filing the business bankruptcy compared to [what his personal assets were] was “weak.”50-cent-rick-ross-bm

Considering the fact that 50 signed the bankruptcy papers on May 25 but didn’t inform the judge until the this afternoon, the Manhattan Supreme Court Justice proceeding over the case, Paul Wooten asserted “You’ve really taxed the patience of this court. You could have told us that at 11 a.m. rather than not show up. Not to mention the tremendous inconvenience to the court…you can understand my impatience.”

Yeah, that too: 50’s lawyer (Steven Losquadro) didn’t even bother to show up for jury selection which was scheduled to begin this morning and apologized, stating: “To the extent we’ve inconvenienced the court, I do apologize.”



They played her like completely packaged, maggot gutter trash. And it sounds as if some serious monies were exchanged—on all sides, even her “lawyer.”