LAURYN HILL Turns 40 Today: Artist-Independent & Still Manages To Balance Work, Life & Family + Sends “ZION” Off To 1st Prom!

The typically reclusive and always private singing powerhouse Lauryn Hill has been opening her doors of hospitality a bit more than ever expected since making a personal decision to leave the industry and expectations, and instead-just focusing on the music and rearing her children—6 in counting! I know right!

Her unapologetic focus on music and family has been birthday girl Ms. Lauryn Hill’s only claim to fame. And from the looks of things, she did things her way and did it right.



Her kids (5-with whom she bore with Bob Marley heir: Rohan Marley):

…are all growing up and adjusting like normal, tweens, and teens-living a normal life as youngsters should.

Zion sister and bros


Just recently, the baby with whom she sang us her life with her words (Zion) attended his first prom!


No longer the shy, cute lil’ guy who just five years ago, Lauryn couldn’t get to help her sing his song to him:


…That “baby” (Zion) is almost 18 now

Zion and Prom date4


…and we’re sure Lauryn is looking at her handsome (now, all grown up son Zion) serving as a reminder that despite all-she did well.


As turns the world turned, without all the hoopla, industry shenanigans, and expectations; Lauryn still managed to balance work, life, and family and