MICHAEL JACKSON’s ‘THRILLER’ (On Epic Records) Re-Reaches Epic Proportions: Re-Enters the Charts – Share My Faves & Know Why


Although Chris Brown insists that he is the Michael Jackson of our time-it’s okay to feel that way by comparison of his dance moves and entertaining ability. And by that comparison-let’s all admit: he’s not that far behind (just behind in stage time-served, perhaps).


But until you are still charting 32 years later-like Mike-on this very April 12, 2015 date; then let’s just hold out hope that 20 more or so years from now perhaps, Chris Brown will be charting too…THEN he can pop off staking the claim that he’s as great as Michael Jackson.CCapwazW4AI09Fz

At any rate.

Share with me-a few cuts off Thriller that I love and the stories behind why:


Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’

Obviously, we all love Thriller, Billie Jean, Beat It and  P.Y.T because I swearrrrrrrrr I do this awesome African dance in my head off this song from the first chorus of the song throughout. I have had it choreographed and down-pact in my head for so long that I get tired when I’m in the car playing it and dancing in my head! I mean, it picks up heavily around the 4:00 part of the song. I mean……..I-Be-TIRED! That song makes me wanna dance-freely: all limbs (and barefoot).

As well, it has been my goal in LIFE to see the look on his studio face when he sang that part around the

1:01-1:04 mark where he juggles the words: “…saying: YouJustWantToBeStartingSomething.”

I won’t rest in peace until I see that footage! Quincy Jones: Can we get that? I need to see that. No, seriously. I do.


Ok next.

Human Nature

I love this song so much that impulsively, it came to me while I was writing a poem and I wrote in: “The gloved one said in best one day: ‘I like living this way. I like loving this way.” I love that song so much because it’s to epitome of sensual: I can feel, and see every lyric and taste the emotion in it. It’s a very intimate yet, lonesome and vulnerable song that’s about three different things but everything sensual and freeing, fleeing, and agonizing, yet comforting. The best way I can describe this song is: It (the feeling it gives me) reminds me of blowing a soft, slow wind in a baby’s eyes. That’s the feeling I get when I listen to this song.

And I love listening to it in the dark.

I think to music and create and come up with ideas while listening to music.

So you see…in order for me to absorb and ingest my music-I typically have to be in motion.

This is one song I have to listen to in the dark, or dim light-just sitting.



Baby Be Mine

I loveeeee singing and popping my fingers to this song. And the songwriting in it is so simple-that 80s and 90s formula:


Bridge to Chorus



Bridge to Chrous


Full Bridge (starts at around the 2:20 mark  below)…then back to:


Bridge to Chorus


Adlib fade to end.


It’s just a sweeeeet love song that’s not too sensual, just enough pop, and sang well-placed and well-built like Legos turned to flowers for a girl-that’s how I think of and feel about this song. It flirts with my senses and the ‘girl’ in me.



Lady In My Life

*deep sigh

This song holds a combination of 3 sacred/special memories for me:

  1. A Funny memory
  2. A Fond memory turned irony
  3. And a Heartbreaking Irony of a memory


The Funny Memory

Stephanie-a friend of mine and me-we both love music…like PASSIONATELY…down to the lyrics/writing, the feel, the nostalgia, the riffs, the technicalities—all that. So it was nothing for