3-Minutes of Fame: The Oscars Explained

B-e_zGrIgAAGlv5Like any awards ceremony where you have a mashup of egos, versus hard work, versus (by comparison of several different factors): the actual deserving; outside of the glitz, glam, red carpet and fans-the entire process is not only emotional-but subjective beneath the surface of it all.

Who the academy picks is rarely on target and agreeable, but the fact of the matter is: there is a process in place for the choosing.

Sounds a little high-school but too, it goes like this: Unless you are a previous Oscar nominee yourself or have at least two active members who can vouch for you-you cannot become an academy member. And just because you may have two active members vouching for you doesn’t necessarily guarantee you membership. According to our friends at Slate “that might explain the academy’s history of favoring an overwhelming white male majority.”

In the world of entertainment, Oscar picks are to it what sports’ Final Four picks are to basketball.

Our girl Mariah Carey already put the word out:



Scroll up to the OSF big screen for a 3-minute lesson on how this Oscar thing all works!