The Evolution of WILLOW SMITH + See Her Spread in CR FASHION BOOK Spring Ed.

WillowSmith0Well it’s officially official-so let me go on with my lil’ La Di Da self.

Willow Smith is a bit too advanced for what I was going for-for sure.

More and more, I see it now.

Check this out. This…”EVOLUTION OF WILLOW SMITH.”

I have a wide variety of ‘talent’ that I humbly refer to as “interests” that to me [unless consistently honed in on-don’t deserve the right to officially be called “talents” but rather a talent FOR]—unless and until practice made perfect turns to a profession.

Well, aside from writing books (and writing-period) I l.o.v.e music. And while I’m a quicker rap writer than I am a ballad writer, when the “feeling” hits me (or that awesome beat I purchased moves me)…I used to…(heavily around 2010) go on these highly inspired tangents and go full force—even down to teaching myself a little bit of the Pro Tools and Audacity music software programs (so that I could try to mix/put my lyrics to the beat at least presentable enough for a demo in the event I got seriously into selling songs).

Whip-My-Hair-Music-Video-willow-smith-21411226-1430-780Ok so, back when Willow Smith first stepped onto the music scene (2009/2010) I had this awesome concept (full video treatment) + wrote this song to a beat remixed by some producing guys I was working with. I titled the song “Set It Off” (from a classic dance beat).

willow-smith-whip-my-hair Actually, it was pretty hot-especially when the guys got the beat and switched the music up the way my mind saw it in the video treatment.

I loved her style. And I was soooooooo excited to see a kid rock out that! I was inspired! I felt like after that “Whip My Hair” video-she could pull it off with ease. I mean-I was ready to present everything-but even more so, I was elated that I had enough “child” in me that lil’ ole grownup minded “me” could really formulate lyrics to a rap song for a 10 year-old child! (because as you see…my other rap song I wrote “Two Ways” was about love gone wrong over a Stacy Lattisaw “Love on a Two Way Street” beat that I purchased).

Long story short, when I got ready, Willow was hot and out with “Whip My Hair.” So ambitious lil’ me was ready to get in on submitting music to her camp.


But one day, a little bird on the ‘in’ said to me that “Whip My Hair” was more of an age-appropriate introduction to the world-a side that she can do…but ultimately (even as young as she was) her musical interests were more eclectic than “rappish.”

images (5)

Bottom line summary in conclusion: Save it. Enjoy “Whip My Hair” but that’s just another side to Willow’s talent. She’s more precocious than that style and song gives way to. That’s the best way to explain it.LoL_SideEyeWillow

It’s interesting now, as time has passed within these past 4/5 years and being a witness to watching Willow’s growth in her photo spreads AND…her music…turns out…what was said to me was really true—4/5 years ago.

So when I see across the Internet–people crap on her for being “just 14” and “how could she” …trust me, I knew (well-I was told) back then……….her tastes in music and experience of the world was a bit more precocious than whipping colorful hair back and forth (as expected of her).

So I said that in defense of saying and having known in advance that musically where she is these 4/5 years later-I had already been forewarned that was her personal interest and direction. And so personally-as per her personality as the precocious 14 year old  she is…it’s all come full circle (from my advance notice of having been forewarned like 4/5 years ago).



A trip aint it? Literally.

Just watching her morph into who her parents ALLOWED her to naturally be versus who people like me (and I’m sure countless other people in the industry) had plans for her being. I witnessed it.

At any rate.Fav_WilliowPic

Dubbed by Vogue as ‘a style star in the making, as adventurous with her style as she is with her music.’

…check out Willow as she graces the pages of CR Fashion Book’s (Spring edition) delving into one of the other facets of her personality: Being a person in pixels like a painting-modeling and expressing herself through still life while she models Tom Ford Kenzo and Pucci while decked out in L.A jewelry designer Lisa Eiser’s bespoke trinkets!

I think my look changes all of the time and right now it’s a bit more messy, kind of grungy



 “I want to embrace my full self, as natural as I can be