Amid the Medical Miracle Doctors Tell BOBBY BROWN His Baby Girl BOBBI KRISTINA Needs, He Asks For Privacy During This Time


10467942_502084799919925_1421838235_nMedical miracles happen everyday, and although it would be a medical miracle; doctors tell Bobbi Kristina’s surviving parent-R & B singer Bobby Brown-to prepare for the worse. That’s as honest as it gets. As good, or miraculous as it gets it gets in the hands of powers much higher.

Even if you only read the first paragraph on our last update about Bobbi Kristina’s accident, it all seems like déjà vu. Seemingly eerie to that of her famous mother who died in a bath tub; Bobbi Kristina was found unresponsive in a bath tub as well.

Considering the fact that the anniversary of Whitney’s death is coming near (February 11) and eerily, (just days ago) Bobbi Kristina posted this pic to her Instagram



It all seems, so confusing-in a matter of days-in this very order:



the full of life and preparedness for it:

#ClassicMindBodySoul 🎤🎼🎧🎶 #PassionsOfMyLife

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the reflecting:



the contemplation:



the realization:


then the pick-me up…the forward-looking optimism:


the smiles and the joyful mean-mug with friends for the ‘gram:

YAYYYY 🙂 finally my famBAM!!! @dmannnnnnn

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……………to the eerie expression on her face (same day, same outfit on as with the friend while she smiled and mean-mugged it for the ‘gram)–her very last post and pictures before she was found unresponsive:


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Although HIPPA (health information privacy information act laws) forbid the release of her condition, officials say that by the time she was found-the way she was found-she didn’t have enough oxygen get to her brain.

Bobby Brown-her father, who (although is in the company of and being supported by Tyler Perry); is reportedly inconsolable and asked that their privacy be respected at this moment in time.

It seems so confusing, yet (considering the similar circumstances) so obvious, perhaps-one can’t help but wonder if she just wanted to be with her mother.

Coming from a girl, who too, lost her mom and grieve in private and unique was untold-I understand.

No matter what they go through (a mom and daughter), a girl who’s close to her mother never stops asking her mother questions from everything silly to serious.

And one day-when those answers stop coming…you’re left with so many questions that no one else can answer. No one. And you do feel left own your own.

No matter how you try to go on with life, sometimes, just like your mother’s answers [stopped], your heart stops.

Even through your smiles and goings on in, and with life-it hurts. It’s a secret obsession. The hurt and the questions-they never, ever stop.

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