JUSTIN BIEBER Cops a Squad On the Couch at ELLEN DEGENERES + Makes Video Apology For His Bad Behavior


B8e8V89CIAATEXDWell…we already had the talk about Mercury being in retrograde and while (through February 11th) it’s not a good idea to commit to anything [because of Mercury-the planet]; communication can be transmitted improperly because of the dual-nature of the constellation associated with Mercury (Gemini). As a result, what may be said (versus done) could quite possibly be two different things (with anything said or done while Mercury is in retrograde and too-anytime during May 21-June 21: period).

However, being in a retrograde phrase of time right now (through February 11)-it is a good to reflect.

Seems like this week on Ellen, quite a few of your favorites are copping a squad on her couch and doing just that: Reflecting.

We just told you about Kanye reflecting on his past behavior as being [what he referred to] as his version of “the terrible twos.”


Justin Bieber, as well, has been quite the character in the media, social media (and law enforcement).B7IFfXxCUAAurl7

Well, The Biebs copped a squad on the couch with Ellen-complete with a new (normal) hairdo, versus his rockstar style, and as well. Ironically, if I am not mistaken, he and Kanye taped on the same day and both be aired today [Thursday].



In addition to the Biebs’ entire humble disposition while sitting with Ells,



…we checked up on him and found that he also made a video confessional of sorts yesterday, too.

In it-reflecting (and although you’ll find your neck bobbing from left to right, trying to actually see the face being the voice speaking)-he apologizes for his bad behavior here of late.

Check it out atop the OSF big screen.

It doesn’t stop there, though.

Despite the overkill and damage control being done to flood out whatever was about to brew since we dropped that curious pic of Selena being booed up with controversial Chicago rapper Chief Keef; perhaps the sightings saturating the Internet of Selena and DJ Zedd + that Chief Keef pic floating around was just the wake up call Justin needed to realize that a woman is only going to be patient stay brokenhearted for so long before making the decision to move on.

Rather than hanging out on beaches and turning up with random girls around and about, The Biebs is hanging back with his guitar and singing love songs-seeming about his boo thang Selena. Check it out:


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“When it’s raining, it’s pouring / How do I always end up the enemy? / How do I wake up in the morning and you’re not right next to me? / How did we throw it all away?”


“How do our lives become lighter? / How do our eyes become brighter? / Gotta believe in something higher.”


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