NAYA RIVERA On The View: “I Think White People Shower More Than Ethnics” Was It, Yet, Another Dig At Ex: Rapper BIG SEAN?


NayaRiveraWith Barbara Walters having retired her chair on ABCsThe View” and three new co-hosts filling seats to join Whoopi Goldberg, leaving a chair (and sometimes two) open that, one (or several times within a week) has a revolving door welcome and that (on any given day) various actresses, singers (and anybody in entertainment) may receive an invitation to be guest host for the day (or week, if all goes well).

Granted, The View’s culture is such that at any time, the decision fill a seat is had by permanent View hosts who tend to make choices (live, on air) about who they felt their best guest was–that meshed with the other girls such that they would work well [on a permanent basis] and viola! A permanent gig is often times secured based upon how well they did while being a guest.

With that being the case, I can only imagine the pressure of the actress, singer, or entertainer (with enough time in their schedule), that having a permanent gig like such would indeed be perfect, right?

So imagine the pressure of a manager, publicist (and other handlers behind the package of the entertainer) giving pointers and reminders about how to be their most charming and funny—“just in case” they’re chosen.

Well, while stopping by “The View” this week, Glee actress Naya Rivera upset quite of a few:




…with her impulsive (or planned?) comment: 

I think that more white people shower a lot more than ethnic. I feel like showering more than once a day is such a white people thing.”


Unfortunately, persons of the ¾ side of her “ethnicity” didn’t take too well to two parts of her statement (that although I’m sure she made in an effort to not only be witty, charming, and funny), but too, I actually don’t think she meant to be any more offense than saying:

“LaCrosse is such a white people thing.”

So let’s play with the semantics of it all and replace LaCrosse (with shower/showering):

I think that more white people [play LaCrosse] a lot more than ethnics. I feel like playing LaCrosse more than once a day] is such a white people thing.”

Rivera’s charm, humor, and wit didn’t go over to well with some members of social media who both questioned her ignorance (with regard to her use of the word “ethnic”) and as well, their offense in Naya making the generalization that black people don’t shower as much as white people.

NayaRivera3Naya, who says her mother is half black and half Puerto Rican, obviously felt like (unlike the statement being made by a person of Caucasian decent) she had a more acceptable license to make such [an ignorant and general] statement, but according to some members of social media, nothing (with regard to Rivera’s statement) could be farther from ignorance and the truth.

Now let the record state, an “ethnic” audience member (of African-American decent) held onto her chest in shock at Rivera’s statement-rebutting her generalization.

Rivera then defended that her black (slash) Puerto Rican mom showers every, but wanted to interject that what she notices now,



since being married to a white man who showers three times a day


…she had come to conclude that white people shower more than “ethnics.”

Uh. Naya…is either speaking about Big Sean—or herself, perhaps?

big-sean-naya-riveraNow although we don’t know if Ariana Grande’s new boo (Naya’s ex), “I Don’t Fu(k With You” (rapper Big Sean)’s reason for leaving Rivera mid-engagement was because she (being of “ethnic” decent) didn’t shower but every three days or so OR if she was merely taking a dig at her ex Big Sean (who is African American/ of “ethnic” decent)…………by comparing her white husband’s hygiene to [Big Sean]’s] or no, but the two have had quite the public breakup.

The breakup was so sudden and without warning that Naya felt the need to announce her being newly married practically before the marriage certificate ink dried (and ironically) still, got married on the same date (as planned to be married to Big Sean). It was weird. But in her defense, she said the date was (ironically?) her husband’s birth date.

 At any rate.




Naya-rivera-kim-kardashian kk_nrIf you have read my write ups on Rivera (where Big Sean is concerned) she seems to be pretty methodical (down to even how she methodically pursued Big Sean)—who, many think, was an effort to recreate this Kanye-Kim effect, especially after she began to color her hair, talk/dragging her words, and look more and more like Kim Kardashian (with whom is accused of having an intense ‘fascination’ with).

Considering all that, I hardly think her statement was made anticipating a debate being sparked about [the use of the word] “ethnic”, nor do I think she made the statement [as if to say/generalize that] “ethnic” people don’t shower as much as white people.


NayaRivera an Ryan DorseyEither she exercised one of her, yet, typical methodical acts and the entire statement was just a dig at Big Sean (and she merely wanted to say her husband showers more than he did) or perhaps she-herself-might consider her husband showering three times a day something he’s hinting at her: wanting her (being of “ethnic” decent-herself), to do more of.