KANYE Fans Unaware His “Only One” Collaborator Was BEATLES Legend SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY


Released just this past Thursday (the first day into the New Year) Kanye posted a song on his social media titled: “Only One.”

DKanyeandMomDondaifferent from the Kanye we’re used to hearing, “Only One” is a ballad written by Kanye from the third-person perspective of his mother, the late Donda West, who unfortunately passed on before getting a chance to see and share Kanye joy: his baby North.

In it, he carries on a conversation [with himself] from the perspective of what (from his heart’s perspective) his mom is saying to him-letting him (her “Only One”…her “chosen one”…her only son Kanye) know that although she’s not here on earth, she’s aware of how life has been for him and reminds him he is not his mistakes.

Towards the end, [she] asks her “Only One” [to] “tell Nori about me.”

Kanye West and Baby North(Nori is the nickname of his baby girl North).

Written earlier last year, the beautiful ballad sang by Kanye happens to be a good song. And who knew Kanye could really sing!

The touching ballad not only pulls at your heart strings but as well, is being made possible by the strings being touched by the legendary Sir Paul McCartney of The Beatles.Kanye West and Paul McCartney

O’ Sir Paul McCartney may very well be knighted across the waters, but ‘round these parts, his being knighted is looking more like this:

Eyes in the dark

…Nighted…literally: “Who’s that guy?”



I know, I know. Quite the faux pas–considering his legend. 🙁


















From life through my eyes as well, history is repeating itself for Paul because hey–when I was a kid (unfortunately there was no social media to prove it) we too, wondered who that same guy was when he suddenly appeared in Michael Jackson video called “Say, Say, Say.”

Our parents had to educate us on just who that legend was!

And so here we are: Paul McCartney of the popular 60s generation’s boy band The Beatles, is still legend-ing in 2015!

That’s a feat that, to others, found it offensive because they didn’t take the time to Google before tweeting-therefore, would have known who the legend was:unnamed

At any rate.

For the record.

I don’t just blog to be famous and use that as my claim to fame simply because your favorite artists know my name. I’m about the business of it-first.

I retain a lot about artists that I blog about and as well know a bit about: the music business, and the business of showbusiness and entertainment as a whole (cross genre and era).

The history, the artist, their work. I “does” this. Off top. Being a real writer is just icing on the blogging cake.

That being said, let’s have school on Sunday about Sir Paul McCartney.

downloadEnjoy that “The Girl Is Mine” video while you can because it too, will probably be removed (from that poster’s playlist) very soon for rights violation protection as, Paul McCartney (like Prince and a few others), are not one of these new age artists that find value in sticking their videos, songs, and lyrics all across the Internet for us bloggers and their fans’ pleasure and passing around (for free).

Many artists (before mid-90s through 2000s) aren’t that interested in “staying relevant” and “being seen” over the value of having their work respected…and paid for (to be viewed, listened to, and posted on the blogs and YouTube’s and such).

Paul McCartney, too, is one such artist.

Legend has it that even Michael Jackson died-and for years-feuded with McCartney over music written by him (and sang by Michael).

…including one of my favorite songs by Michael Jackson (written by Paul McCartney) called Girlfriend.

I LOVE this song and if you follow me online (or peep-follow me)…then you’ve seen me mention where I would love to see this song re-done and sang by an actual girl—lyrics unchanged. It’d be hot and intriguing!


I can dream on. ‘Cause from what I’ve heard, Paul McCartney aint HAVIN’ it!

But…enjoy (while you can):

Or just go and buy Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall album and own it!

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE that song!!!!!!!


Let it go Paul!!!!!!!!!!!

Let it gooooooooooooooooo!

But oh, how soon I forget….. Michael died owning the entire Beatles’ catalog-not Paul…That’s his biggest asset–even while he’s now dust.


Paul McCartney Fact:

He was married to his wife Linda McCartney, for years and never once spent a day without her. She died of [I believe it was of] breast cancer. Linda McCartney (Paul’s deceased wife) can be seen throughout the entire Say, Say, Say–the lady with the blonde hair.article-0-00DD7C7800000190-389_468x391

MCartney Mills SplitIf you remember back in 2002 Paul McCartney was the man who remarried the attractive woman with the prosthetic leg [who sort of resembled McCartney’s later wife Linda]. Her name was Heather Mills. The couple ending up going through a nasty, public, two-year divorce whereby 2008; she was awarded 48 million dollars.

After the hearing:

I feel elated. It was worth the hard work.” -Mills.

All will be revealed.” -McCartney.

The big reveal: She made off with 48 million bucks.

End story.