Pop Percussionist SHEILA E To Headline New D.C Mayor-Elect’s Inaugural Ball This Coming Friday Night


Best known for her in demand, unmatched, superior drumming skills

SHEILA_E stillettos and drums

[being] Prince’s protégé:Sheila e and Prince

The Glamorous Life and Love Bizarre (just to name a few)

…singer-musician icon and pop-funktress and drummer girl Sheila E is slated to headline the inaugural ball for Washington D.C’s new mayor-elect 42 year-old Muriel Bowser.

The shin dig will reportedly to go down tomorrow night at the Washington Convention Center where, beforehand, Bowser will be sworn in as the seventh elected mayor of D.C.

With a contribution cap of $10,000 from lobbyist and developers; as of December 10, Browser’s committee has already raised more than $800,000 for the event.


On Saturday, there will also be a children’s party which will be followed the event.

Today (Thursday, January 01, 2015) in celebration of the new elect, a 5K race will be taking place.


OSF Writehead fact: I’m a musician (who plays instruments) /drum enthusiast therefore-a Sheila E. fanatic (on the low, yo). And I would be remised if I didn’t mention this.

It’s quite funny.

sheila-eAs a kid, I was a massive Prince and Sheila fan. I l.o.v.e.d this woman. So was so bad ass to me-so exciting.

Well. My auntie scored tickets to a concert and guess who my first concert memory was: Prince and Shiela E.

Just so happened that our seats were located in an area where during intermission, Sheila E was standing at the bottom of the stairs during Prince’s intermission.

bulging-wolf-eyesLow and behold—I spotted her.

*be still my heart*

My auntie took the stroll down the steps and I was standing there with my fists clutched to my chest while she and my auntie looked up the steps.

My auntie began signaling me to come down.

I tell you…that was the longest trip down some steps of my life.

tumblr_m3m88bZhea1rp21yfo1_1280I probably double-stepped every single step toward that woman, still, with my knuckles to my chest and tears in my eyes.

When I got up to her, all I could do was cry. It was cute. She hugged me and laughed, while…my aunt had to speak for me. That moment was hilarious!

At any rate.

Rock out to some classic Sheila E extended version musician hotness above the OSF big screen and through this write up.



In case you didn’t know, Sheila E just recently dropped her memoir which , too, is available now!Sheila E baby

And by the way…Amen !


*pumps fist*